Take Two shares surge on "BioShock" release

Shares of Take-Two Interactive Inc. rose about 10 percent on Tuesday after the interactive entertainment company announced the North American release of its highly anticipated science-fiction shooter game "BioShock."

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Imknow14109d ago

They deserve it after publishing a game that is sure to be a classic.

kn4109d ago

I couldn't find one at any of my local EB games/gamestop stores. None actually had any regular versions in stock, either. No biggie since I don't usually buy at launch, but the game is pretty much sold out here in my area...

tplarkin74109d ago

I can't wait to play it tonight. In about 2 hours, I will pop it in the 360!

Silvia0074109d ago

but having played through both the 360 and PC Demo versions... I don't see why I would want to play this game any more then what I already have? Sure, it sorta looks pretty but that's about it.

Silvia0074109d ago

LoL, yeah, I somehow feel it comming. I am serious though.