I Want Your Money: The Curious Case of Kotick

For those of you who know of Mr Robert Kotick (Bobby), and for the select few that don’t (seriously, living under a rock can’t be too comfortable), no matter what words are uttered from his mouth, he just about always manages to stir up a storm of anger in the gaming community.

There have been three claims made by Bobby in recent times that have been stirring up much more than a storm on the vast opinionated machine that we know as the internet or world wide web. From denouncing independent developers to selling you what you already own, he's been speaking quite freely lately.

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XboxOZ3602922d ago

It's a shame so many CEO's in gaming end up thinking that they are just bigger than everyone else.

Many of them open their mouths before thinking sadly, then regret it later - or not, as the case may be.

Not sure about his latest comments about the California ban of violent games Bill though?

Proeliator2921d ago

I didn't see these comments, but the Supreme Court case is happening soon. It can be weeks or even months before we find out, due to the way the system works.

And truly, it's sad when someone becomes the "face" of the company. That's why developers such as Rockstar don't really get big in the media, because the person they send out becomes the "face" of them and people attribute that one person to the success and whatnot, when in reality, they probably had little or nothing to do with the actual creation process of the game itself.

REALgamer2922d ago

Especially with all the mergers / new partnerships forming.

What if he had said Infinity Ward was the only good FPS studio before the Bungie/Activision contract?

I do admire that he is willing to speak his mind, but that should only happen when you're well educated on the matter. Sadly he tends to also put his foot in his mouth a lot speaking out of ignorance.

When you'r a CEO, everything you say reflects on the company directly.

Proeliator2921d ago

Sadly, this is just reflective of society in general. You can never truly say anything at ease.

Sponts2921d ago

He really does it for publicity, to be honest. People know his personality and he wants to cause all of this stuff.

Belgavion2922d ago

He really does have that 'punch me in the face' look about him, doesn't he?

Truth2921d ago

He does man, he really, really does. Just one of those kind of guys you see in bars being really loud, almost begging to be punched in the mouth.

Proeliator2921d ago

When writing this, I imagined him seeing this article and laughing before sending a cease and desist order.

Also, you two's previously iterated statements are correct. He does, in fact, make you want to punch him in the face just by glancing at him.

LarsoVanguard2921d ago

I actually get the strong urge to STAB him in the face.

I really hate his face.

Sponts2921d ago

LarsoVanguard I do believe that I can agree with u on this matter. His face looks very stab-worthy.

XboxOZ3602921d ago

ANother one would have to be Mark Rein from Epic. I';ve met and know Cliff Bleszinski, he's great, but Mark on the other hand simply says stuff to support whatever side he happens to be supporting at that time.

the number of times he's made outlandish comments, and only had to make the direct opposite statement within weeks is huge.

And ppl take his work for granted. Those that simply see him or Kodick as 'the word' or as figureheads of knowledge, and hang on their every word as being 'truth'.

It's a shame really, especially in an industry that really is only just getting on its feet to the 'general public'.

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