NIVEA Endorses Xbox 360 Kinect Fitness Game

Ubisoft has signed up NIVEA and their fitness expert Sarah Maxwell to endorse its Kinect-controlled Xbox 360 fitness title Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

The game, which promises to be ‘the most innovative and complete fitness program’, makes full use of the Kinect with an assortment of training programs.

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k-Lan2924d ago

Even though i'm FAR from interested in this game. I must say it looks quite special. Special enough to attract those WiiFit users that's for sure.

Good night Move. You'll soon be used as a color changing night light.

hoops2924d ago

This is EXACTLY the target audience MS is gunning for with Kentic.
Like it or not, it's going to sell huge.

number472924d ago

lol. U guys are trying too hard.

k-Lan2924d ago

Trying too hard??? lmao! I'm not trying at all #47. It is what it is. If you can't see how interested women will be in this game then i don't know what to tell you. Just admit it hurts and "Move" on.

TheOldOne2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Have u guys even played Kinect? lol. Cos I did at Macys in New York while I was on holiday and it epicly fails. Kinect lags, barely works and at the moment from what we have seen so far has no core games. I know core games have been announced but we havent seen any gameplay so its all smoke and mirrors, as usual lol.

Im a little bit skeptical about its selling loads cos of its high price point. Price is obviously a major factor in the audience that MS is trying to attract,even if it does have great day 1 sales, I cant see this thing selling consistently. Oh well jus we will jus have to w8 and see.

But then again i dont really care how well it sells anyway. You guys keep playing sales, I'll keep on playing my GOOD games like Halo Reach. Kinect is not going anywhere near my 360. Oh yh and Move is 10000x superior to kinect because it actually works, rofl. If Kinect does outsell Move 10 to 1, Move will still be the superior motion control device simply because of its unrivaled accuracy.

Sales=/=Quality. FACT.

Edit1: Oh yh and hoops its called "kinect" not "kentic" just sayin.

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TheOldOne2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

double post

k-Lan2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

lmao! Go cry to somebody else. IMO, Move is garbage. Nothing you say will change my mind.

Just to make it clear since you're obviously not too bright, i was talking about women being interested in this fitness game. I'm NOT interested in a fitness game. You know all those WiiFit lovers? That's who i'm talking about. *shakes head*

"I know core games have been announced but we havent seen any gameplay so its all smoke and mirrors, as usual"

Wouldn't that apply to all games announced without showing any gameplay? Once again, for THIS fitness game, we've seen gameplay so stfu.

EDIT. lol.. nice edit oldie. Major edit! lol @ u!

TheOldOne2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Would u at least care to explain why u think move is garbage? At least I stated some facts about Kinect, you didnt say anything about Move apart from the fact that you think it is garbage.

I knew you weren't interested in this game dude I can see it in your first comment lol. I was saying that I was skeptical of Kinect sellin loads and attracting those "WiiFit" lovers as u call them because of the high price point. Yes I know Wii fit had quite a high price point aswell but with kinect most of those WiiFit lovers would probably have to buy a 360 first, making it even more expensive. Ok maybe I should have made this more clear but I was mainly replying to hoops' post aswell but nvm.

Oh and just to make clear since you obviously can't read properly, this game is not a CORE game. Get it? The keyword is: CORE. Im a core gamer why the hell would I care about the gameplay of this fitness game? And yes this does apply to all games shown without gameplay but that doesnt change the fact that we still havent seen the gameplay of core Kinect games.

And about the edit, lol I was just sayin...