Sony using fanboys in lawsuit defence to claim no one cared about OtherOS

Maxconsole writes: "Court filings in the latest round of arguments show that Sony is now resorting to using fanboy comments posted on forums to promote its latest defense tactic that no one cared about other os so removing it didnt matter"

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MrMccormo2861d ago

I imagine this court case will not end in Sony's favor (in light of the recent ruling for the iPhone that said it was legal and acceptable for customers to jailbreak their iPhone).

hay2861d ago

You're talking about different court case. This is about Other OS removal started by people who didn't even use the feature, not Jailbreaking(as mentioned in the title) which will harm hard working developers.

Red_Orange_Juice2860d ago

Sony knows how the game is played

Windex2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Ok they are saying Sony is resorting to fanboys because sony quoted people saying that they dont want OtherOS and no one they know wants OtherOS.

lets be honest here, out of 100 people how many uses OtherOS??
If people cared about OtherOS, then the PS3 slim sales would have plummeted, but it didnt. and that shows that no one cares about OtherOs.

So according to Maxconsole, People who dont want OtherOS are fanboys.

they are the biggest ms fanboy site i know.

gamingdroid2860d ago

Well, I am concerned about developers, but I care more about consumers.

The ability for a company to remove an advertised feature after a sale occurred, is disturbing and definitely harms the consumer. That is what this is about, not about piracy. That is for developers to combat, which seems they already are by charging for online play.

Persistantthug2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

So because of the later, I hope Sony loses.

Companies can't just be allowed to do whatever in the heck they want just because they can.

I'm sure I'll get disagree's but oh well...that's exactly how I feel.

And because this case is based out of California, Sony stands a good chance of losing.

Edit in
Bubble for you Mr. gamingdroid for your intelligence.

skip2mylou2860d ago

@droid not when sony loses money to fund the development of new ps3 games and new PS systems

Red_Orange_Juice2860d ago

I have no idea what your're saying at all

Lucreto2860d ago

I have yet to see any evidence of Mass Media advertising for Other OS. An interview on a website doesn't count. A developer only event doesn't count. What counts is TV and newspapers. I am not sure of the legal wording of mass media in the US that could make a difference.
I am for consumer rights but also security to keep the machine safe. We lost a feature but we gained so many over the years it more than covers the loss.

I wonder how many are actually annoyed over this and how many just smell money.

SilentNegotiator2860d ago

More garbage from Maxconsole.

What a surprise. /s

Oh look! They learned how to use MS paint to add in the word "fanboys" to a family guy picture. How clever!

bjornbear2860d ago

only the fanboys read/are aware of whats in the EULA?

well...then fanboys are the only people with BRAINS

dumb asses suing didn't even consider it hmmm =P

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Christopher2860d ago

They're not basing the case on this, only using it as even further proof against the claims that said the same thing. The claim is that Sony advertised the heck out of OtherOS. Sony's primary proof is that they never advertised OtherOS as a feature in their advertisements. One of the other, and very minor, proofs for them is the number of people who didn't even know that their system had OtherOS as a feature.

JsonHenry2860d ago

does it matter? You sold me a product that had support for it then took it away after advertising. "It only does everything" is no longer true, because it doesn't play PS2 games or allow for OtherOS.

Elvfam5112860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Did you use any of those features... Give Me a Honest answer..

It does matter because why complain about a feature you never used...

I guess I was wrong buying the 40gb Ps3..

n to the b2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

doesn't matter. it's still wrong.

EDIT: why complain? because even if NO ONE used this feature (as an example, I'm not saying no one did), what happens when the next feature is one everyone uses? then sony, ms or whomever has this precedent to fall back on.

Elvfam5112860d ago

I Don't Know why I can't edit oh well...

Ms already did this with the 3 yr warranty to cover rrod...

Sony wouldn't take away a feature that everybody uses....

n to the b2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I'm not sure that's the same thing but regardless, as you can see from my above and below comments I'm not happy when anyone stealth-removes features they already sold people on. not just sony, if that's what you're thinking.

*looks at above disagrees*

yup, that's what some people were thinking...

GarandShooter2860d ago

@ n to the b

The problem here is you are likely unable to show a financial loss due to this. Did the trade value of PS3's suddenly drop with the removal of the feature? No, it didn't, and it's hard to argue the increased value of those units that weren't upgraded as downgrading the value of yours. Sony is not going to be forced to pay out thousands of dollars to owners of $600.00 units. Are your punitive damages going to arise from having sleepless nights worrying about how you will live without OtherOS? Legal fees and reimplementation of the feature is probably the worst Sony is looking at. Only the lawyers will see a financial gain, and let's face it, that's all they care about.

Secondly, this is not the best battle to fight. It's the removal of a mostly inconsequential feature, and if Sony wins, may set the precedent exactly 180 degrees from what you hope is going to be accomplished.

BLuKhaos2860d ago

"You sold me a product that had support for it then took it away after advertising. " If you bought a PS3 when PS2 BC was an advertised feature then your PS3 would still have PS2 BC. Other OS on the other hand was never advertised otherwise give me some proof that it was.

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Cold 20002860d ago ShowReplies(3)
JsonHenry2860d ago

I did in fact use OtherOS. Not for anything serious, but I did use it. Linux of course. Getting XP or OS10 to run was too involved for me.

I didn't use backward compatibility though. But that doesn't matter. This is the same as selling me a car that offers manual shift and a CD changer then taking it away without asking me when I take it in to get an oil change. It was wrong and is just plain old bad business practices.

Elvfam5112860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Did they ask you when you was ask to sign the TOA

FACTUAL evidence2860d ago

No one gave a shit about other OS until it was gone. I didn't know ONE person, personally that used it, let alone knew it was a feature on the ps3. It would be nice to have as an addition, but Morons(hackers) ALWAYS have to put loyal gamers into a rut. Face it no one cared about other OS, and trying to say they did, you must be in denial. There was a select few, but when i say few I mean FEW.

ico922860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Im getting really tiered of this, i can't believe people still care about it, i didn't even know about this feature until N4G, also i love how this troll website labels all ps3 owners that claim they didn't care about the feature as fanboys, i mean wow sooo professional, he doesn't even provide a source for this argument.

PAPERCHASER03962860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Luckily they are not on Sony's side since someone can't even spell DEFENSE correctly in their heading ..... Lol journalist my azz

8thnightvolley2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

goes to show sometimes its not good to blindly defend either ms or sony coz they might just take u for granted.. one thing i just hate is the fact sony takes away backwards compatibilty only to come on psn and sell u ur old games again.. wtf is that all about when the ps3 clearly can play it.

LiquifiedArt2860d ago

...on this site need to understand "Consumer Rights". When a company advertises, sells and then REMOVES said feature, it should be illegal. I am a ps3 freak, but they should lose.

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anh_duong2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

there is no denying that sony fanboys exists but to say that people who don't use OtherOs=sony fanboys is a bit extreme isn't it??

there are a lot of people out there who genuinely do not use otheros..

edit: i don't use otheros but i do think sony was wrong to remove otheros.. does this make me or fanboy or non-fanboy??

-Alpha2860d ago

Well the word is used loosely these days anytime people feel the need to name call when they can't debate back, so I think you are good ;)

I did not use OtherOS, but when Sony took it down I wanted to lol

UnwanteDreamz2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Same here. I never cared about other OS and I never used it. I had some friends that used it for this and that but to be honest most went back to the XMB before Sony took it away. They are still complaining about it being taken away even though they stopped using it.

Before this otherOS was mostly used for bragging rights IMO.

Eamon2860d ago

Personally, I got a 40gb PS3 so it didn't have PS2 support.

I know PCSX2 has a Linux version so I was kinda waiting till a workable version of PCSX2 was out for OtherOS.

But then Sony took away OtherOS.

Red_Orange_Juice2860d ago

I DID NOT use OtherOS, I DID NOT think of using it, I DID NOT plan to use it in the future. I can testify anytime, but you cover the flight, 5* hotel and throw in a 3dtv :)

Eamon2860d ago

^ LOOOL. They can take away as many OtherOS as they want if they give me a 3DTV!

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Meisadragon2861d ago

can check who used what on their ps3

TheGameFoxJTV2860d ago

If they could they wouldn't be using random anonymous quotes from fans. They'd use the actual stats.

darkdoom30002860d ago

I had linux on my ps3. It was a buggy mess. The only person who would ever use it would be someone who didn't have a computer.

Also, you needed to have a KB/M to navigate linux. progbably my biggest innoyance

I mean- if you did use it lots, great, the firmware clearly warned the user that linux would be disabled if they did update it.

n to the b2860d ago

I'm sure many/most didn't use otherOS but I still say f*k you ms AND sony for punishing paying, law-abiding consumers in your attempt to fight piracy. :(

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