PS3 Move games: Five we wish were real

ElectricPig: You’ve seen our list of the best PS3 Move games you can buy already, but as we said in our original PlayStation Move review, they’re not quite on a par with the PS3 classics you need a DualShock for. But there’s no denying the technology is there, so all we need is some smarter games than Start The Party! to pull in the punters. Here’s our wishlist of what could be the best PS3 Move games: all we need are some updates

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hay2921d ago

This list fails not mentioning Okami.

TheOldOne2921d ago

but oblivion would be perfect for it imo.

Fallout 3 would also be great with move but the article says "Fallout 3, is a bit too run and gun to work with PlayStation Move" but whatever.

I cant see how AC2 would work. Dead Space 2 and MGSR would be perfect aswell. Dont really care for Lego games.

Myst2920d ago

I agree oblivion would be nice with move.

.::This is a thought/what-if scenario sequence::.

It would be nice if the developers went back and designed the game around move support, added a bit of trophies and put it out. Unless a patch could work as well then that would be nice as well!

tdogg060519912920d ago

They already confirmed Move support for Metal Gear Solid Rising and Dead Space 2. This article is shit.

saint_john_paul_ii2920d ago

Rising has not been confirmed for Move support yet, and Dead Space 2 is still Questionable.

eggbert2920d ago

nothing on Rising though.

raztad2920d ago

I think EA was referring to Extraction.

rdgneoz32920d ago

Extraction has Move support, but they never specifically said Dead Space 2 or Rising for that matter.

BYE2920d ago

Assassin's Creed is a good one.

Double assassination with two moves would be fun :)

Quagmire2920d ago

Would be awesome, although I dont know how you would attach move wands to your wrists though

ADMIRALcoltgahr2920d ago

Okami hd remake with move/3d make it happen there one game who might be perfect for it LAIR

Theoneneo812920d ago

MLB the show would be awesome

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