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KratosGirI2925d ago

DeathSpank: ToV, Sonic Adventure, Castlevania demo, Blade Kitten demo and now this!

My internet connection weeps and my PS3 will do the same when it's gonna download all of those non-stop for a week T___T

Sneak-Out2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The Patch added also a new Main Menu and the Game calls now "Heavy Rain Move Edition" see Picture:

SexyPrawns2925d ago

Does it add the extra content also? I played the demo and they added something into it. (A begger in an alley)

Will that be there? Anything else?


i hope so as there is meant to be 45mins more video in move edition whatever that means, but i assume the quickest way to check is to see if the begger is there in the patched version.

pileobunnies2925d ago

That 45 minutes appears to be The Taxidermist DLC.

Cerberus21252925d ago

A 4 days wait,it felt like an eternity.

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The story is too old to be commented.