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jay22802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Don't give us that BS, you've provided 2 exclusive content to M$, and announced NOTHING DLC wise for PS3, so don't talk out your bums you two.

Natsu X FairyTail2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

not any different than Tales of vesperia PS3 having More characters and Special COntent Or any different than FFXIII:Versus being Exclusive to PS3. Why Is it that the new Sengoku Basara game is only on Wii and PS3? Where's the Xbox360 version? see what I'm doing?

stop crying boy. you a grown man.

Chris3992802d ago

Most people have accepted the fact the VS will not be exclusive to the PS3, they're just waiting for the announcement from everyone's favorite multi-plat whore SE. On a related note, the TGS trailer just looked like a souped up tunnel run from XIII to me, too. So until I see this "open world" business in more than a shaky-handy cam video, I'm skeptical.

Vesperia came out over a year later and in cases like this, it is common to entice new purchasers with NEW content, hence the extra characters. See Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean for further reference.

Sengoku Basara is a predominantly Japanese title. We got one of four (if I recall correctly) of the series here in NA. Why would they even bother with the development of a 360 port, when no one in Japan will buy it when given the choice?

Back to the original issue. People are crying foul with Dead Rising 2, because it is a simultaneous multi-plat release. There's no reason for it not to have this extra content. Especially, if you consider that PS3 only owners might need a little extra nudge to inform/ interest them in the series.

My $0.02

Kain812802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )


i dont know, but i think this is the 4th time iam agreeing with ya...
man can you read my mind or what...Bubbles + i fallow you if you are not against it^^

so i tracked you, see ya

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tacosRcool2802d ago

what about all of the games that were supposed to be exclusive to the PS3 and aren't?

zeddy2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

vs will be a exclusive or it better be. the main reason ps3 owners were pissed was the fact that the ps3 version of ff13 was downgraded to fit the needs of the 360. the reason everyone should be excited for vs is the fact theres nothing holding it back this time so if it does lose exclusivity you can expect an uproar.

Red_Orange_Juice2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

not like I care a bit about this game, but still.. darn you Capcom

whothedog2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I agree people need to stop crying about this, it is what it is. But I do disagree with your part about it being like Tales because the reason there is added content for that game is because it was delayed for the PS3.

Personally I didn't like the game, I did have a 360 at one point and this was one of the games I tried and thought it was boring.

So I could care less! mwahaha

But I will still eventually end up trying this game out. Cause I am cool.

Sez 2802d ago

Lol. Next 360 fans will start boycotting EA for giving extra content for MoH,DS2. And ubisoft for extra content on AC3. This is a funny gen

deividpaulo2802d ago

@Chris399 -- Congratulations! You could write a few words with a lot of trash!

FF versus XIII will remain a PS3 exclusive...The Square-Enix used FFXIII as a test to see if the 360 VERSION would sell a lot ... and we all know that this has not happened

deividpaulo2802d ago

@Chris399 -- Congratulations! You could write a few words with a lot of trash!

FF versus XIII will remain a PS3 exclusive...The Square-Enix used FFXIII as a test to see if the 360 VERSION would sell a lot ... and we all know that this has not happened

Anderson82801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


your deluded if you actually believe that.. square will do a 360 port if M$ pay them enough money to bring it to their system.. as much as i'd like to believe otherwise

gamingdroid2801d ago

It's ironic that when the same DLC is coming to PS3, it is why bother getting an Xbox 360? We will eventually get the DLC on PS3.

When it is a true exclusive, then the b!tching and moaning starts.

What is the common denominator here? Fanboys!

IHateYouFanboys2801d ago

@Chris399: "Back to the original issue. People are crying foul with Dead Rising 2, because it is a simultaneous multi-plat release. There's no reason for it not to have this extra content"

but theres no reason FOR the PS3 version to have this extra content either. would PS3 Dead Rising 2 buyers even know who Frank West is? hes not in Dead Rising 2, and they probably didnt play Dead Rising since its on the 'enemy' console, so theyd get this epilogue and be like 'whos that guy? why dont they explain who he is and why im supposed to care that hes in it? why does he get his own little story?'.

see what i mean? theres no need for it on the PS3 because its relating to stuff that PS3-only buyers have no idea about, since they didnt play the previous game.

if PS3-only owners were on the fence about DR2, giving them some extra content that they have no idea what the fudge its even about isnt going to change their mind.

its just a classic case of fanboys getting up in arms over something that in reality means absolutely nothing to them. like how fanboys who never used the OtherOS feature on their PS3s are now crying about not being able to use it - despite not using it while they could. its just what idiots do, they whinge when they dont get something even if they dont actually want it.

radphil2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


This is the problem though. One can understand about the Case West DLC thing, hence from what you said.

What doesn't make sense is that they could have put Case 0 up on PSN also from no restrictions on that. Basically the bottom line is that Microsoft paid for that DLC just like they do with a lot of games.

Capcom isn't the kind of company that can keep things quiet. Remember the RE5 DLC fiasco of the Versus mode being on the disc, and information of that slipped out before the game was out?

I can only 1/2 agree with you on what was said. =X

jetlian2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

did 360 get joker? a dantes inferno movie? are we getting wii version of dead space? Nope ok then both systems get extras. If MS or Sony decide to pay up or not blame them not capcom or whoever.

Be mad at your favorite company chose not to give you something extra

edit : Add mafia 2, ACB,MOH to that as well

JD_Shadow2801d ago

Both Arkham Asylum and Dante's Inferno were developed with the PS3 as the lead console. I even HAVE to get into why the 360 isn't getting Extraction (hint: the game was on Wii, which has a particular type of controller that inspired the Move controller)?

jetlian2801d ago

the lead programming have to do with extras? nothing thats what. Are you saying you can't play a gun game without a gun? because i remember playing time crisis without the gun.

JD_Shadow2801d ago

Lead platforms will usually get something extra for BEING the lead platform, as was the case with Mirror's Edge, because it's easier to do things on the platform they first developed for (obviously).

And, for TC4? Okay...option is clearly there, but...does anyone remember the game Revolution X (the arcade gunner with Aerosmith)? Anyone remember how awful the console versions played because we didn't have a light gun? would you like to REPEAT that clusterfuck with DS:E without the motion controls or needing even MORE of a clusterfuck with how you could get it to work with Kinect?

jetlian2801d ago

even talking about TC4 what about 1-3 or virtua cops, the dead series. plenty of light gun games over the past 15 years. And if you truly believe in lead getting bonus just cause!!!

Then why upset 360 GOT dead rising first!! And i'm not talking about DR1 the game i mean the series. So all in all they have more time invested on 360 because it was the lead system to which the engine was born.

paintsville2801d ago

People always seem to forget that the driving force in any industry is money. Exclusive DLC for 360 prob just translates into this publisher realizing that they will get a higher rate of return on investment from 360 because it's quicker and easier to develop for which translate into lower production costs when compared to ps3. It's not about alienating a gaming sector it's all about money. Believe it or not that's why they're in business. To make money and make as much of it with as little effort as possible.

pustulio2801d ago

Ugh stupid 360 fanboys is just DLC.. pfft i got lot's of great exclusives. No one cares...

*Goes running to Capcom*

You fucking bastards how can you do this to me, 360 sucks! i want my DLC! I hate you whaaaaaaaaaaa.. T_T

On a serious note i can't wait for deadrising 2 and i really didn't even cared about the DLC but oh well...

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MrMccormo2802d ago

More like as a "present" in exchange for a "present" of cash.

So, according to CAPCOM's logic, PS3 gamerss will be getting an exclusive prequel to the new Devil May Cry game for being "original fans" on the PS2, right? They'll be getting an exclusive Monster Hunter game for being the "original fans" on the PS2 and PSP, right? They will get an exclusive Resident Evil game for being original fans. They will get an exclusive Okami game.

Right? Right?

I'm just using your logic, CAPCOM...

rekonizakilla2802d ago

this was one of a handfull of 360 games which made want to own that console. but i was patient and thought i'd wait for dr2.
Can someone let me know if this is timed exclusivity or actuall exclusivity?

Anyway, dr1 aint coming to ps3 so why can't that be their "present"?

not a happy gamer right here.

vsr2802d ago

Please give PS3 owners DMC,RE, Monster hunter, Street fighter exclusive contents/ game

SeanRL2802d ago

But when xbox gamers get mad cause a ps3 game is getting more love, we make fun of them?

Odin7772801d ago

@Psfan999 I'll make fun of everyone if it makes you feel better.

jmallymav2801d ago

did those games come out when the ps2/psp was first released?
no, stop bsing your fanboys like the tea party

WetN00dle692801d ago

lol, plain and simple.
Its thanks to the 360 fanbase that there will even be a DR2.
I see nothing wrong with Capcom giving their 360 fans a little something as thanks! Lately the PS3 has been graced with many exclusives DLC and games a like. And truth be told THIS is nothing compared to the exclusive stuff the Ps3 fanbase will be receiving.
2 small pieces of DLC and all hell breaks lose.....

danielle0072801d ago

That this was Capcom's first game of the new generation, their first game on the Xbox 360, and it was a new IP. New IPs are always a risk, and I think they were doubly worried since it was so early in the new console era..

They appreciate the support of M$ and the 360 gamers, for helping Dead Rising become a hit.

Plus, the PS2 is a different console than the PS3. This is rewarding the very same console and gamers that made Dead Rising a hit.

DevilsJoker2801d ago

I bought and still own Dead rising for the 360, i loved it. But now i buy my multiplats for the PS3... so that's where i'm getting dead rising. But I don't get the 'present' of being there for the first? Prft.

pustulio2801d ago

Oh no it's just DLC like GTA4 no one cares 360 fanboys!

Yet you are here crying for it.

PS3 fanboys the new synonym for hypocrites.

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Persistantthug2802d ago

and then they get extra with ASSASSINS CREED 3 (Or whatever it's called).

But yeah, Capcom need not cry when PS3 users Don't buy their mindless Zombie killfest when it hits.

They shouldn't even utter a word.

Jinxstar2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I played the first back when I had a 360... Wasn't that impressed. This game doesn't look all that great either... I have no plans on spending that much money on a game like DR2

Biggest2802d ago

The extra content on Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor wouldn't fit on a DVD anyway. They are both full games in addition. And since there is a Yazuka based zombie game in the works, I think PS3 owners will get their zombie hacking fix either way.

Christopher2802d ago

I can see how people want to relate this to exclusive games, but it's different.

Both PS3 and 360 get the game. But only the 360 gets to see the very beginning and very ending of the game with this DLC. Essentially, there's no way to play the story of the game in its entirety on the PS3, only on the 360.

That's what I have an issue with. This DLC is reflective of the storyline being told and not just some optional content in the middle.

Exclusive games really don't 'excuse' this handling of DLC since both consoles already have their exclusive game deals. This is about some of the worst handling of DLC, IMHO. If Microsoft paid for some exclusive DLC, it should have been something outside of the overall storyline, like challenge DLC, new characters to play as, or even new stories to play through with different characters.

laoboy_Smoke2801d ago

As a PS3 owner I understand xbox fanboys used to give Playstation fans so much shit a few yrs back (some still try lol) but Im ok with this bcuz things r not looking too great for x360 in tha future... all Im saying is without tha competition having some success how will PS3 shine???

PS besides Its DR2 that shit is a 7 or 8 tops ;)

IHateYouFanboys2801d ago

@cgoodno: "Both PS3 and 360 get the game. But only the 360 gets to see the very beginning and very ending of the game with this DLC. Essentially, there's no way to play the story of the game in its entirety on the PS3, only on the 360. "

100% incorrect.

its actually like a movie being released on DVD in regular and special edition versions. the regular version has the movie exactly as you saw it at the movies, with a clear cut beginning, middle and end. its a complete movie, and the whole story is there in its entirety.

the special edition just adds in a few little deleted scenes that were cut because they werent essential to the story, but were essentially 'fan service' for people that have been 'long time fans' of the series that the movie is in, even though the movie itself is a standalone entry in the series.

so people that only see the standard edition get the full story, with a complete ending. people that see the special edition and were fans of previous movies in the series get the same movie, but a few little extra references to the previous movies, which the standard edition buyer wouldnt understand anyway.

its really not hard to understand. youre also completely missing the quotes from Capcom:

"The game was completely designed to be a self-contained and enjoyable experience, beginning to end, regardless of the prologue and the epilogue."

meaning that the story is completely the same with or without the prologue and epilogue that the 360 gets.

Christopher2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

@IHateYouFanboys: You and I are going to have to agree to disagree.

From what I've heard (and seen):

Epilogue tells how and why the new protagonist goes to Las Vegas. In the game, right out of the box, he's just in Las Vegas.

Prologue finished up the overall story with what happens towards the next game as well as bringing back in Frank West.

Those aren't just 'filler' areas of no importance to the story, those are the main storyline being expanded. They're also not just random side quests, like going and recovering dog tags from a crash site or similar. They're the actual expansion of the main storyline.

Any DLC that expands on the main storyline, IMHO, should never be exclusive to a platform. Never. That would be like Dragon Age: Origins on the PS3 getting the latest DLC that tells the story of the hunt for Morrigan and is specifically a lead in to the next game. Just like the prologue of DR2 in this case.

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ryuzu2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Come on has this generation taught you anything? This is Capcom, it's DLC for a multiplat game. It will turn up on all supported platforms - just be patient. Remember too that with the piracy on 360, Capcom are trying to find ways to make people buy stuff - one great way is forcing them to be online.

I hope DR2 is decent although I don't hold out much hope. I quite enjoyed DR1 but this one is perhaps a bit too comedic in it's approach which will deflate the tension it should have...


bjornbear2802d ago

in other words "MS payed us to keep these DLCs exclusive"

number472802d ago

Isn't that alienating?

Hi Ps3 owners, you dont get X because of Y?

Im not going to buy the game anyway. But its kinda silly...

gtamike2802d ago

Dead Rising 1 is on the Wii also

YoshiMeetsU2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

It was not even close to the same game. Chop Til you Drop was basically a mini-game.

All the more reason why Case Zero/Case West would make no sense to people who didn't play the first.. You guys cant even keep the games straight..

mastiffchild2801d ago

CTYD is, and it's got some floppy competition this gen, the worst game Capcom have made-it's AWFUL, loses 90% of the game with the cutting of 90% of the undead and is an insult both to the series and to Wiin owners. Rarely have I been so pleased I only rented something as all the doubtful previews were right on that one-crappy.

I played the first game on the 360(and the Wii game bears little resemblance to it in all honesty)and while it was a great concept, had great moments and I , overall, enjoyed it I still have my doubts about the second. There were a lot of flaws in the original(from the tiny text to the save system)and I expect that to be ironed out but can't get past the way the new lead just looks kind of a douchebag and the fear BC may be playing this one too much for the giggles.

As for Cap[com and the DLC for 360 only? It's just another one of this generations silly bits ofd exclusivity-who cares? It's not a massive gift and certainly won't be getting me to buy it for the 360 as I really would rather play it with a DS3 than the 360 pad(the reason I play most multis on PS3)but DO think that the game might have benefited from the extras on PS3 to drum up a bit more interest on a new(for DR) platform-isn't releasing it just for the 360 kind of like preaching to the choir? I just think Capcom would have been better served getting at least one part out for the PS3 if only to stoke some interest and get PS3 gamers more into the lore of the series.

FACTUAL evidence2802d ago

PS3will get the DLC, just like they did the stories in GTA4. You all know how MS thinks TIMED exclusives are forever.

gman_moose2801d ago

Is all Microsoft has..... pathetic. They have ruined gaming.

mega BIG time2801d ago

IF timed exclusives ruined gaming for you then you do not deserve to be a gamer. Play the games for what they are bitch tit

jony_dols2801d ago

Ms spent $50 million for GTA4s timed dlc.
Gran turismo 5 has cost $60 million, and has been in development for 6 years.

Now you tell me, what investment is more beneficial to the gaming industry as a whole, and to the consumer?

I now own Stories of liberty city on my ps3.
But because of Ms's tactics, Xbox owners will never own a racing sim with GT5's production values.

I think that with the exception of Live (prior to them upping the price), MS have had a negative influence on the industry

jetlian2801d ago

spent isn't the same as loan lol. it was loaned to R* TO GIVE 360 version more appeal at launch and it worked! Same thing with COD maps for the next 3 years

danielle0072801d ago

Timed exclusivity of DLC for GTA IV was actually a really smart plan by M$. It may not have helped out the consumers, but they're a business. I don't see Sony letting their exclusives be developed for the 360 as well. I mean, by your logic, that's what they should do, because it helps gamers out the most.

Anyways, timed exclusivity made it so when GTA IV came out, and everyone was rushing to buy a current gen console, they had many many reasons to not just snatch up a PS3 and get it. They actually had to weigh the decision, instead of just sticking to the PlayStation brand they know.. The 360 was still lots cheaper at the time, and they also had exclusive DLC ? It's just good business..

And, who knows if these Cases will come to PS3. He said it was a present, which suggests no. Plus the DLC is like, about Frank West, who was only in the first game..

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Christopher2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

2 exclusive DLCs that expand on both the pre-game story and the resulting post-game story.

Essentially, only the 360 people get to see the beginning and end.

I don't mind if it's some sort of challenge DLC that's exclusive or similar that doesn't affect the overall story let alone have anything to do with it, but when you take storyline parts and make them exclusive, you're are essentially screwing over one platform over another.

***not any different than Tales of vesperia PS3 having More characters and Special COntent Or any different than FFXIII:Versus being Exclusive to PS3.***

Very different. None of that new content or characters reflected the main storyline in the game. The DR2 DLC is the beginning and end of the story, though. Heck, I'd have no problem if they gave them the ability to play as some different character in the game or anything like that, it wouldn't affect the overall storyline. But these two DLC are the story, and these story elements are only available to 360 owners.

IMHO, this is how to do exclusive DLC wrong. Very wrong. And I blame Capcom for this, not Microsoft.

XactGamer2801d ago

Damn jay2 baby need a nap? Capcom is just paying tribute too it's fans, real gamers should appreciate this. I know it sucks if you don't own that system but there are penty of games that get more love on the PS3 than other systems. It's been like this since Nentendo and Sega days, so get over it.

YoshiMeetsU2801d ago

Yeah, was there this kind of baby tizzy fit when Dead Space Extraction was announced exclusive to the PS3 version of Dead Space 2?

Rank on the 360 for not having exclusives and then cry and rank on it when it does. When they never have had a dead rising game on their console they already feel entitled to everything..

avengers19782801d ago

Mark my words All the content for Dead Rising 2 will eventually be on the PS3.

2801d ago
darkziosj2801d ago

stop crying ps3 fanboys u get most good exclusives, 360 get better multiplatform games if you want both things get both consoles

avengers19782801d ago

Not crying about anything really.
There are way more PS3 exclusives that I want to play then 360 exclusives any day of the week.

MiamiACR2801d ago

I love how everyone fights on this site like it actually matters, or that they even believe that it will make some sort of difference. You call each other Morons for liking one console over the other, but for those of you who call each other names for owning another piece of shaped plastic that may or may not play more games? You're the real morons.

vhero2801d ago

Presents to original fans from who Capcom or MS(who paid for the exclusive content)??

ShabbaRanks2801d ago

Well maybe theirs a glitch on PSN because all the exclusive preorder costumes are all FREE on PSN ... Go to add ons for Dead Rising 2 and their all there lool ... Its got to be a bug . . . Unless there something im unaware about . . .

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v1c1ous2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

zombie game fans are originally found on xbox, so of course they would cater to that demographic.

kinda like how rpg fans only exist on sony systems. LOL M I RITE? of course i am, that's what i'm told everyday on news for "gamers"

xavier-tooth2802d ago

yeah right since RE1 and RE2 are on xbox.

nickjkl2801d ago

thats like saying shooter fans are orginally found on xbox

xg-ei8ht2802d ago


I really don't think you'll be seeing versus on 360, i could be wrong. But i think it's only pc/ps3.

peedie162802d ago

I really do believe VS13 will go multi plat. I think they will announce it at the Square event in japan

solidjun52802d ago

When is that event by the way?

deividpaulo2802d ago

FF versus XIII will remain a PS3 exclusive...The Square-Enix used FFXIII as a test to see if the 360 VERSION would sell a lot ... and we all know that this has not happened;;

FF versus XIII on the 360 is a distant dream for XBOXfanboys...hahahahaha

GodHandDee2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

a present for not being given the original game AND for having to put up with your BS!

actually make it a few, one won't cut it

jambabie692802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

im a ps3 owner, but unlike you i don't feel ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. funny how some on here think they are owed something simply because they game on a certain console that they chose.

grow up. if you don't like their "BS" then don't buy the game, or any of their other games for that matter.

GodHandDee2800d ago

Oh man you disagree? Breaks my heart sniff sniff

No really, I don't care if they didn't bring the first game. I do not care if they give the fans of the first game anything they want to really.

Actually I do not care if a company decides (with incentive from certain console creators) to give their consoles a bit of an incentive, everyone does that and it's all good.

BUT if they do this and actually try to sugar coat it with BS like we are doing this to 'gift' them, it's just stupid or they take us for no I don't care if you disagree and no I don't think I'm entitled to anything BUT I am also entitled to an opinion and also entitled to not take BS by companies, so yeah there ya go champ, disagree away