DmC creator reveals new Dante "inspired by James Bond reboot" - Eurogamer

Aims to "increase appeal, sales and audience".

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movements2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Everything will change with time. But sometimes, change isn't good, and with Dante, although he needed some change, maybe a tweak in personality and more up-to-date style and ability, what Ninja Theory's done is totally outlandish and uncalled for.

Listen to the fans.

Snakefist302918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

So we can expect to see Dante coming out of the sea wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks?

gunnerforlife2918d ago

next thing youll know dante will say..

Bartender-what drink would you like MR Dante?

Dante-vodka Martini, Shaken not stirred!



coolfool2918d ago

I just looked at the trailer again with the intention of giving new dante another chance and, nope, he still looks like a d1ck.

bjornbear2918d ago

sean connery to roger moore to RANDOM GUY (who was in one of the best james bonds!) to I forgot but he was good too to Pierce Brosnan to Muscle Man

basically, JAMES BOND ALWAYS HAD DIFFERENT LOOKS. because the series lasted longer than the acting lifetime of the actors...

DMC is a videogame, and if I'm not mistaken, THE REAL DANTE WAS IMMORTAL!
smh....bullsh!t reason =/

Homicide2918d ago

Well in the DMC anime, Dante asked for strawberry ice cream, so wanting a shaken martini isn't so bad...

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Eamon2918d ago

I think it was a typo.

Dante "inspired by Twilight series"

hay2918d ago

Damn, even I start to think they might went too far and I love new Dante's design.

dalibor2918d ago

Why not have Dante look older or just have an option of choosing different character skins? His new look is okay but his old look is better.

MisterNiwa2918d ago

Well this is the first thing that striked into my head, that they are going to do a Casino Royal-like Reboot.


Devs simply won't get a reboot right this gen... At least not without fan feedback.

Just look at InFAMOUS 2, with hairy new cole... They got it right after all the backlash, The Comic-Con Cole is new but still good for us already introduced to the series.

But that early Drake rip-off with lightning bolt hero pants and stupid tatoos... What were they thinking?

Cheeseknight282918d ago

The only redeeming factor in the DMC trailer was the music. Everything else was pretty... bleh.

It's on my radar nonetheless. I've never really considered myself a fan of the series, but this one has potential I suppose.

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Quagmire2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Inspired by Daniel Craig's James Bond, huh?

That was successful because they swapped Pussy Pierce for Kickass Craig.

Ninja theory are doing it the otherway around, which is SO not appropriate.

jay22918d ago

I was giving the game the benifi of the doudt, but with that logic this game is going to stink :(.

Simon_Brezhnev2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

When they see the sales and see how bad it flop i'll just laugh. I bet they do the samething Square Enix did with Nier. Japanese get their Dante and west get this twilight fag.

HeroXIV2918d ago

James Bond reboot sucked balls imo. It's not Bond anymore, it's a macho man that cries in the shower with his girlfriend or whatever. The action is good... but Danny Craig ISN'T bond and never will be.

Similarly this ISN'T Dante and NEVER will be.

If you're going to reboot a franchise do it like Nolan did Batman.

PirateThom2918d ago

Craig is closer to the book Bond than any of the past actors. What now?

HeroXIV2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Don't really care about the books, Bond films were never meant to be 1:1 versions of the book anyway.

PirateThom2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

No, they weren't, but how can you complain about the character being different when it's closer to the original character and Bond has never had a "set character" in the movies?

HeroXIV2918d ago

Because all Bonds; Connery, Moore, Dalton and Pierce followed a persona that Bond stood for, if you follow the films there is no real change in BOND as a character until you reach the Daniel Craig versions.

Admitedly all the actors gave a different expression of Bond but they were all sophisticated, brutal, secret agents, clever, quick-witted who loved women.

The fact is that all bond parodys were so funny and easy to do because it's Bond. Quantum of Solace/Casino Royale are just action movies.

Nac2918d ago

Its funny how they always forget George Lazenby...

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