Ten better names for Planet Michael

Yesterday, SEE Virtual Worlds announced that they were working on Planet Michael, an MMO based on the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, and possibly the most bizarre game given the green light this decade.

Here are ten more appropriate (read: humorous) names.

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Quagmire2854d ago

A Michael Jackson MMO?

This has the potential to bomb harder and faster than APB.

dark-hollow2854d ago

Wait wait wait.....michael jackson MMO?? WTF!!!

OGharryjoysticks2853d ago

stands for Molest Many Orphans. It's the object of the game.

Hellsvacancy2854d ago

Just let the mofo die already im sickin of hearin his damn name

Millionaire2854d ago

Well you always have the option to cover your ears so....

Kurisu2854d ago

The subscription fee will pay off his outstanding debts.

SpikeSpiegel2854d ago

Whoever thought that this was a good idea must have been drinking some of Michael's Jesus juice.

HDgamer2854d ago

A pedophile mmo. it's only a matter of time he becomes a religion.

Nihilism2854d ago

There have been religions created for much lesser people, L.Ron Hubbard for example, lol

A religion about aliens...created by a science fiction writer...and people bought it?


HDgamer2854d ago

Well a star wars religion hasn't happened yet.

Saladfax2854d ago

Are you really so sure of that?

The_Count2854d ago

There is actually. It's called jedi.

Nihilism2853d ago

I put that down in the last government census as my religion, sadly it didn't cross the threshold to become officially declared a religion.

I think the number is something like 50,000 people before it's considered legit.

Zinc2853d ago

I thought they made that an official religion in the UK?

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The story is too old to be commented.