Exclusive Content For PlayStation Plus Members

PSBlog writes: Hi Guys, I’m really excited to reveal an exclusive treat for PlayStation Plus members.

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MrMccormo2855d ago

That's really cool, but I think I can be patient enough to just play it in a week.

dangert122855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

The demo is lame they can't brush us off with demo's all the time >: (

on the over hand i am happy with the theme that announcement alone is better then the demo as the demo every one will end up with sooner or later

edit: please explain the disagree :s

2855d ago
Evolve2854d ago

WTF!, how about us, do you got it ?

divideby02854d ago

I can wait the week vs paying for the service

kasasensei2854d ago

PS+ is slowly becoming like the XBL.
Pay to have a demo 1 week before the others.
People (me included) used to bash MS since they started to put a delay for the plague... i mean the "silver". That was ridiculous and pathetic, and still is.
And now Sony do EXACTLY THE SAME THING, it has became an reason to subscribe to ps+ ?

I must be dreaming.

nycredude2854d ago

Stop the BS comparison again. PSn plus will never be like the xbox live unless MS start letting you go online for free.

How do you figure they are exactly the same thing when last I checked all my friends and millions of others are playing online for free. It's a choice for people who want it. You don't like it don't pay for it.

kasasensei2854d ago

It's not bullshit. People complained about the 1 week delay on the 360 and now it's the SAME THING (open your eyes if you don't see well) on the ps3, people say "it's great, i'm happy to pay to have a demo one week earlier?"
That's pathetic and hypocrite.

asyouburn2854d ago

chill out. if they made the full game available only for plus members, i could see where youre coming from, but again, its just a demo

despair2854d ago

plus its not even out on XBL so it is early access to the demo not what MS do which is delay it for non gold members after a normal release.

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