Movemodo review: Start the Party (PS3 / Move)

Quoting Movemodo's James Newton:

"As a showcase for the versatility and augmented reality capabilities of Move, Start the Party is one of the better titles in the launch line-up. The 1:1 tracking is always impressive, even in the lower quality minigames, and when combined with a more enjoyable game there’s a lot to enjoy. Sadly, there just isn’t enough quality content here to recommend a purchase: families with young children who want a multiplayer game without shelling out for multiple Moves may want to consider this, but even so it’s certain to be superseded by better party games in the coming months."

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vhero2888d ago

PS Move needs a good bowling game.
End Of..

blumatt2888d ago

It's called High Velocity Bowling. Great game.

jerethdagryphon2888d ago

yes bowling= win burt sports champions is fun too except the pain in mucles after words