Fallout: New Vegas DLC “up to Bethesda,” says Obsidian

Fallout: New Vegas senior designer Chris Avellone has told Planet Fallout that Bethesda is in charge of DLC plans for the game, and hasn’t related any specific information to the developer on post-launch content as yet.

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Forbidden_Darkness2925d ago

So atleast that means they aren't taking things out of the game and putting it as DLC and instead making it from the ground up :)

(Atleast i hope they are)

steve082924d ago

I hope not, i dont want to have to buy the GOTY edition in a years time to get my moneys worth (compared to buying each segment individually)

tacosRcool2924d ago

me either. I waited for the GOTY edition for fallout 3 to come out to buy it. Well hopefully Vegas will be bigger, badder, and overall better than fallout 3.

NegativeCreepWA2924d ago

A game that has over 200 hours of game play to begin with isn't worth the money?

Just because Dev's plan for dlc ahead of time doesn't mean it was meant to be in the game or held back.