Resolution: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep review

Resolution's Dan Lipscombe writes: A series that has been with us for eight years and one that has spawned a number of spin offs, it’s safe to say that my excitement abated a little after some time with the game. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the title other than it’s just more of the same. Same old convoluted story, similar environments and too many spiky haired protagonists.

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rezzah2924d ago

Id give this game a 8. The worst part about it is the ice cream game. But your reasons for stopping and having to pressing the dpad to select a magic spell isnt that bad. You just have to learn how to do it properly and not get hit or die. Its worst off when fightin the fast bosses but once you learn their moves you can just spam magic spells.

jike10072924d ago

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midgard2292924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

wow he complained about this game being hard to navigate? im playing on critical mode. (2 difficutlies higher than norm) and its still easy.

i think the game is amazing. if ur gonna heal and need to cycle menu's just run, dodge and heal....just because donald isnt there to watch ur back doesnt mean the game is hard. game is def a 9 to me

and familiar backgrounds???......umm...ever y single world (besides radiant garden, and hercules) is a new world never visited before in KH series so wtf is he talkin bout

also i love his complaint for spikey hair yet he probably doesnt complain about the hundreds of bald marine cut characters in western games. if he doesnt like jrpgs he shudnt be reviewing them

Capt-FuzzyPants2924d ago

OMG I just beat it today. A 6/10 is not accurate. The gameplay was above a 6 The story was above a 6 The music was above a six and just about everything is above a 6.

UP2924d ago

The game is at least a 8. It is the best in the series. The combat is freaking awesome and there is many things to do. I even like the command board game.