Ninja Theory on DMC: “What was cool” in the past “isn’t cool any more”

Didn’t like the new look to Dante in last week’s DMC reveal? Don’t worry: it’s all within reason, according to Capcom and developer Ninja Theory.

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qface642710d ago

i saw nothing cool in the trailer for DMC least not character wise

you also have to stop and consider that depending on where you live cool can be a very different thing

for example this new dante looks for some reason it just looks so euro trash (no offense intended)and i can tell you that isn't cool in the least over here

MastaMold2710d ago

Yea I think DMC came out last-gen & Dante was badass new Dante is wack. In my mind DMC is dead to me some ppl would agree with this new game the way things are going

Eamon2710d ago

Seriously, Ninja Theory, stfu and gtfo.

KUV19772710d ago

Actually, if one can believe the article at Kotaku, Ninja Theory only changed the character by a small degree, but CapCom said: "Do something extreme. Risk to make us angry."

So stop bashing Ninja Theory for doing what they were specifically asked for. Release your anger on Capcom if you must.

darkdoom30002710d ago

The fact that "dante" looks exactly like the Ninja theory director makes it easier to blame them. Also, they were the ones who ultimately made the design.

wicko2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I hope there's a release for DMC HD Collection for PS3 and it outsells this DMC reboot. Seems like NT/Capcom don't have much interest in what the fans like, and are more interested in broadening the target audience (at the expense of it's existing fanbase). From the looks of it, they're marketing it towards teenage girls who love sparkly vampires.

Eamon2710d ago

^ lol, you mean the "fangirls" who drool at Nomura's FF character designs and spend all day imagining disturbing fantasies about Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack and Genesis without even playing the goddamn games.

Anarki2710d ago

They need to listen to their fanbase instead of telling US what WE want!"

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Simon_Brezhnev2710d ago

Ninja Theory is really getting on my damn nerves lately. They act like their the best devs out right now. After playing enslaved i have no hopes for DMC. Enslaved is just Uncharted 2 meats heavenly sword.


As much as I agree with you, I should say Uncharted meets Heavenly Sword sounds delicious! LOL

Redempteur2710d ago

not when you badly copy the bad parts of uncharted platforming sections.

himdeel2710d ago

...and Ninja Theorys comments as of this year have totally gotten on my nerves as well. I refuse to buy anything they put out.

They spout of this garbage about what's not cool anymore yet we have retro games dropping every damn month and games that have been produced pretty regularly over the last 10 years selling like crazy but they have YET to really prove themselves this generation with anything besides Heavenly Sword.

Ninja Theory isn't cool anymore deal with it!

ABizzel12710d ago

Enslaved is a poor man's Uncharted Drakes Fortune meets Heavenly Sword.

raztad2710d ago

Heavenly sword has a better combat system tho.

Nothing against NT, but yeah they are annoying.

Regarding DMC, I wonder what engine they will be using. DMC is a 60fps game, Enslaved is choppy, I dont think it goes above 30fps. So judging by Enslaved UE3 wouldnt be used for DMC. Hope they dont turn DMC in a slow 30fps game. I'll be totally pissed.

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fuckitimout2710d ago

he comes off as more sinister and troubled. I don't like his jacket and hair though. Would look cooler with short cold black hair instead of the 'josh harnett from holloween h2o' haircut

nickjkl2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

hahahahaha these bitches be trolling this just in ninja theory is on my do not like list

thats like saying cars that were cool in the 60s arent cool anymore when the 60s were one of the best years for car deign most of all cars to day are based on those designs

i mean come on talk about heavenly sword like it was a mistake come out with enslaved practically copy and paste nariko into that game fighting moves back drops etc with slight changes and now change DANTE into NOT dante and unlikie cole from infamous im upset by this

dalibor2710d ago

I'm European and not all Europeans look like that, you can't judge a whole society like that. And the best way to resolve this issue? Just have the old Dante as a FREE downloadable skin and add some other ones as well. And Ninja Theory are there any plans for Heavenly Sword 2? I would be interested in HS2. Imagine HS2 with online co op. It's clobbering time!

gunnerforlife2710d ago

this game is going to FLOP so hard capcom will regret not listening to us!
one of the reasons DMC is so huge is because of Dante and Virgil! capcom needs to understand that the fans know a hell of alot better then they do in terms of WHAT WE WANT, HOW THE FUK COULD THEY SAY THEY KNOW WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE DONT WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!

Kalowest2710d ago

I hope this game flops, it will teach Capcom a lesson.

Kalowest2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Damn the new DMC looks stupid; i found the trailer boring as hell. From the trailer it seems the story might also be retarded. Sh1t i don't want to play as an even more emo version of Edward from Twilight.

bustamove2710d ago


This guy looks awful. If the action was like that and we had the real Dante, okay then. But what the hell, this guy is terrible looking.

DatNJDom812710d ago

What it's September??? So their serious?

nickjkl2710d ago

naw they are just late

Qbanj692710d ago

You have got to see this picture. (look closely)

jut4202710d ago

Everyone, your opinions of what is cool are totally off....Just stop having an opinion and accept whatever they say! /S

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Kain812710d ago

“But, you know, what was cool 12 years ago – I think that was when the first game came out [It actually came out nine years ago for PS2 - JC] – isn’t cool any more."

What was cool 12 years ago aka 1998 SNAKE and today Snake is cooler than before...
without looking like an EMO

They have taken everything from Dante and made him a EMO...

tinybigman2710d ago

but this new dante isnt cool at all.

dredgewalker2710d ago

Even the old Snake is kickass compared to emo Dante. I thought they were asking for suggestions? They did not make DMC and even Kamiya does not approve the new Dante. Just give us our old Dante back please!

Cloudberry2710d ago

Leon & Chris too probably concerned about the Resident Evil reboot...

bustamove2710d ago

Poor Dante. He looks like he's about to cry. ._.;

IrishYamato2710d ago

'euro trash'
How dare you compare my french dustbin to that kaweeeeer Dante.


You tell me... Last time I checked Twilight, Emo songs and other melodramatic crap cames mostly from USA.

The_Quiet_Man2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

When did Emo's suddenly become cool? Angry teenage nerds where never cool.

A quote from the article "We had a shirtless version of Dante, with just suspenders. That went nowhere"

WTF & Capcom didn't fire them after that concept. N.T. couldn't get transvestite Dante or D in but made sure they got an equally [email protected] character, thanks. (/s)

TimeSkipLuffy2710d ago

I like emo fashion styled girls...

Simon_Brezhnev2710d ago

Thats just bullshit they dont even know the definition of cool. I guess if you make a character that looks like the producer its cool.