Top 5 Memorable Moments in Gaming (Spoilers Included)

Adam Smith from Coregamer: Video games titles have given us some powerful scenes, from spine tingling moments and using the art of misdirection we've been duped into believing the lies in front of us!

Here are five scenes that have struck true, for me personally:

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hay2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

My top memorable moments in gaming would consist MGS big time...

Naked Snake vs The Boss
Old Snake in microwave corridor
Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot
2 moments in the ending:
When Sunny says: "Uncle Hal, when is Snake coming back?"
And when Snake pulls the trigger(it's beautiful scene when you look only at present and past during it, and context built by the saga up to this point).
Every time Liquid shouts: "It's not over yet!"
Each time MGS theme kicks in during the final phases of any of MGS games.
Whole Solid Snake & Gray Fox in MGS
Each time you kill Vamp
Whole MGS2(Snake jumping on the tanker, truth behind tanker's incident, whole plant scenario, Snake as a mentor, slipping on bird's sh*t, melting ice cubes, babe posters, Rays fight)
Building Outer Haven in Peace Walker
Peace Walker and Zeke fights.

I'd also add finale of Dungeon Keeper, Cloud in lifestream discovering the truth about himself, Reunion in FF7, when Yuffie steals materia from you(ff7), Tifa's jiggling boobs in the cutscene when weapons are released, Cyan meeting his family in the forest(ff6), first glimpse on the World of Ruin with Celes on the deserted island(ff6), Gremio's death in Suikoden, Jowy vs Riou friendship struggle in Suikoden 2, each time George deals damage in Suikoden 5.


I'd add some personal moments like defeating Order Sol on highest difficulty in Guilty Gear without any lame strategies, face expression of a friend after landing a combo that kept him in air for several long seconds without a chance of escaping(guilty gear), playing Infamous pretending it's an action movie(using choreography, cool stunts etc instead of lameing the hell out of enemies).

Gaming is full of memorable moments. Either made by devs, or the ones we make ourselves.

Quagmire2884d ago

Dont...Dont forget about me...Scottie.