No poop to scoop when your kid's first pet is digital | MSNBC Eyepet Review

Winda Benedetti:

It’s official. My kid’s very first pet is a … catmonkeydog.

In case you didn't know, catmonkeydogs are the perfect pets. You know why? Because you don't have to clean up their poo, that's why.

That's because, well, catmonkeydogs don't technically exist. But don't tell my 3½-year-old son that. He's convinced they exist. Almost.

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Silly Mammo2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Good to see some positive reviews from mainstream media outlets.

Like the KB ad as well. Be forewarned Sony haters, they're now talking trash about puppies too! Oh my! Will Sony's campaigning to slam the competition never cease?!?

nycredude2734d ago

This game is going to score well with any parent(s).

PS3 Move Bundle = $399

Ps3 Eyepet = $39.99

Seeing your child's eyes light up with glee and happiness = Priceless