Halo Abilities: whats your favourite?

David Hutchison from Coregamer: Halo reach has added a brand new side to the multiplayer online this time around. Armour abilities. We've all got the choice now at the beginning of each match in halo reach to be able to customize the way we play, just a little. So let’s have a quick look at them all eh?

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DelbertGrady2855d ago

Active camouflage for Slayer and Drop shield for co-operative modes. Jetpack is great for some firefight modes. I've found Evade to be pretty good while sniping as well.

Chuk52855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Use hologram with a sword or shotgun so the enemy is alarmed, then pull out a dmr-grenade combo when the realize it was just a clone.