SCEE brands LBP2 delay talk “rumour and speculation”

SCEE has refused to confirm or deny rumours of an impending LittleBigPlanet 2 delay this morning, which claimed overnight that the game won’t make 2010.

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mjolliffe2920d ago

I didn't believe it yesterday, but I'm a little worried now. Pre-ordered a long time ago :)

8-bit2920d ago

Same here, I hope it's not true and that I can still pick up my copy in November! I pre ordered LBP2 LE!

-Alpha2920d ago

I'm especially worried myself, got the LE pre-ordered but don't want to wait until next year. The fact that they didn't deny it makes me real worried. But, I suppose a delay can't be a bad thing, but there's SO much in LBP2 already, I don't mind if they just patch things after release if they need to.

I really want them to work on networking, the lag in LBP1 was unbearable and the Quick Play option led to a lot of slow connecting issues

DORMIN2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I have the LE Edition preordered as well, but I don't mind if it does get delayed.

I think its crazy that Sony doesn't give a fuck to release two of the biggest exclusives in less than a few weeks apart.

That said, keep posting the LBP2 beta videos and release more trailers and I will be a happy with all the other coming games in the next few months.


@ Alpha Male: Have you played LBP lately? They really fixed up the networking a lot over the years. Its much bearable now.

The Matrix2920d ago

Does Sony you really want to compete with Assassins Creed Brotherhood which comes out on the same day? Or Call of Duty that comes out the week before?? It would be SMART to delay it.

8-bit2920d ago

LBP is huge, I don't think they have to worry about other games. I am not worried at all. Sounds like you might be tho

cmrbe2920d ago

LBP has one of the biggest community on the PS3. It will have no trouble launching together with those other game you mentioned.

LBP is mostly geared towards everyone in the family and not just teenage males. It would be wise for Sony to release it during the holiday season from a financial prespective.

DrillaKid2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I think the game appeals to a different demographic so it shouldnt be a problem; the fact is there is never a "good time" these days to release a game; if it gets pushed into Q1 2011 then it's up against Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, Crysis 2, Killzone 3 and Portal 2.

Hideo_Kojima2920d ago

they are different games but a lot of people who like shooters like LBP and vise versa...

I remember when I bought LBP I decided not to buy Far Cry 2 because I didn't have £80 for both games at the time.

Had Far Cry 2 released a month or 2 earlier I would have bought both.

Imperator2920d ago

LBP2 won't sell as much as COD or AC Day 1, but it will have very long legs just like most PS3 exclusives. It'll probably reach 4-5 million life time.

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Pandemic2920d ago

Hopefully it's not delayed, although if it is, I guess it can make the game ever better.

Iceland2920d ago

It already has everything.

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mattiebo1232920d ago

I don't think it will be delayed. The original source (a French website) said that an inside source told them about it, ans an "inside source" is usually someone pulling a prank to see how far it goes.

Of course Sony won't comment on it if a journalist asks them about it, if they say that it definitely won't be delayed, and then ends up being delayed for some reason then they'll look stupid.

Don't worry about it, LBP 2 is coming in November.

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