Sonic Colours is 'one of best Sonic games ever' - Iizuka

ONM: Sonic Colours producer Takashi Iizuka has told ONM that his Sega's forthcoming Wii platformer is one of the best Sonic games ever.

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pcz2925d ago

thats not saying much though is it

gumgum992925d ago

Actually...that's saying quite a lot. Have you seen the Screenshots and gameplay of this game? It has a water level. A freaking Water Level?!

Loadedklip2925d ago

I'll believe it when it gets reviewed and I see 85% or higher on gamerankings.

Seferoth752925d ago

Yes cause the media has been completely fair to Wii games this gen...

pcz2925d ago

Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was rubbish.

kesvalk2925d ago

i don't put my hopes on sonic games anymore, but i pray that at least this one is playable

and that sonic don't have a sword...
and that he doesn't tranform into a werehog...
and that big the cat don't appear...
and that sonic talks less...

oh well...