Movemodo review: Planet Minigolf (Move / PSN / PS3)

Quoting Movemodo's Corbie Dillard:

"Planet Minigolf offers an enjoyable and fairly playable miniature golfing experience for Playstation 3 owners, and the Move support will certainly offer owners of the peripheral at least one more game to enjoy with it. While the game can be a bit frustrating at times, there's enough of a difficulty range to keep it within reach of most players and considering the game will only set you back a mere $10, it's tough to complain too much."

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Close_Second2798d ago

...given its price. The patch for Move adds a bit more depth in terms of control however, the only problem is that you're looking at the screen instead of down where your ball would be.

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NegativeCreepWA2798d ago

Not allowing Move in the demo was a major fail and lost them a potential buy in my case.

harrisk9542798d ago

I believe that they patched that issue.

Kishin2797d ago

I've been playing it since i got move and its a total win... dont let the demo deceive you from getting it. 9,99$ is nothing for this gem of a game with hundreds of customized user made maps online! This is like LBP of golf game in a way.... Do yourself a favour and check it out, I highly recommend.