TSA | F1 2010 Review

F1 2010 marks Codemasters’ first attempt to push the sport into the hands of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, with a distinct absence for a couple of years making the wait (and the anticipation) much harder to bear. Thankfully, the studio has, for the most part, got it exactly right, creating an exciting, explosive racer that’s happy to suit both hardcore sim fans and anyone looking for a quick hassle-free petrolhead fix via a sensible collection of adjustable driver assists and race weekends that expand or contract depending on how involved the player wishes to get.

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kingteekej2919d ago

From reviewer:
* Authentic license means the cars, drivers and tracks are all perfect
* Incredible graphics
* Realistic sounds
* Easily the best F1 game ever to grace a console

I have my chance to get my hands on it on friday. I hope it satisfy what I want from a F1 game. All the reviews I have read have been positive, and that makes me exited!!

2919d ago