PS3 Firmware 3.50: Problems with 3D Blu-rays - Left/Right Images Are Inverted

It seems that the new PS3 Firmware 3.50 has some problems with the representation of 3D Blu rays - left/right images are inverted.

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hay2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Lol, funny bug(from programmers point of view). Good thing it'll be easier to fix than find the cause of it.

hakis862925d ago

My friend and I watched Monsters vs Aliens in 3D on my Samsung 3DTV last night, and it looked amazing! We even paused some places to watch the incredible details. No problems what so ever =)

Just to clarify that this is not a problem for everyone. Maybe their TV is acting up?

AllroundGamer2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

i watched it also yesterday on my Samsung LE40C750 and had problems with it, what tv exactly do you own? and if it is the same as i have, then tell me pls if you have the latest firmware installed (i mean the firmware for the TV).

hakis862924d ago

Sorry, it's in my language.. And it might have a different serial in other countries?
50" Plasma, there have been no firmware updates since I got it in August...

Do your glasses ever shut off for a short second? Mine do sometimes, the onces with batteries (not chargeable)...

Gray-Fox2925d ago

oh noes!!!!!! my ps3 bricked from another update. fuuuu sony go to hellz /sarcasm

lelo2play2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised... Sony are always f*cking up their firmwares releases. They always have to release firmware fixes for previous firmwares. There is always a problem with their big firmware release.

dkgshiz2925d ago

This is probably the first legitimate problem ever with a firmware update. Usually with every firmware update fanboy tards pretend they own fake PS3s and claim to have a problem. Then it always turns out to be BS. This time its real.

darkequitus2925d ago

Are you smoking crack! PS3 firmware problems are hardly widespread. But to day this is the first legitimate problem is downright untrue. Sony has even acknowledges some people having issues in the pass, I being one of them - though that was two years ago.
And before you say it, I am not a fake fanboy tard. darkequitus, darkequits_usa, darkequitus_jap

testerg352925d ago

Actually.. whenever there articles like this and someone here post that they are actually having problems, PS3 fans usually attack him and call him "liar", "xbox fanboy", ...

wicked2925d ago

You're right, I don't now how they missed this, don't they test it before release?

Solid_Snakeps32925d ago

and the Xbox plays 3D blurays right?

corneliuscrust2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

who mentioned xbox anywhere? This is a ps3 article

Sez 2925d ago

Well that interesting to know. I haven't turned on my ps3 in months. But I hope they fix the problem soon.

Hideo_Kojima2925d ago

You haven't turned on a PS3 your whole life because you don't own one.

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Apocwhen2925d ago links to mask google translation links now... *sigh*

dead_eye2925d ago

thanks for the heads up.

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The story is too old to be commented.