LBP 2 Beta: ICO remake

Below you will see Little Big Planet 2 ICO reincarnated and some other creations from other users in LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 BETA.

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Lucreto2884d ago

Its excellent. Pity I don't have the time to make anything in the beta.

Sadly it will be deleted before the game comes out.

MrMccormo2884d ago

If I remember, all of the levels made in the LBP1 beta were transferred over to the full LBP game. I could be mistaken.

Either way, this game looks freakin' amazing. It's one of the truly innovative console games coming out this year.

despair2884d ago

they're not going to delete any of the levels made in the beta, they already said that I believe.

Forbidden_Darkness2884d ago

Wow, the puzzles you can come up with are going to be amazing :)

So can't wait to get this game!

Lucreto2884d ago

I was good through the new tool bag in the create mode there is so much new things I was completely lost with all of them.

IrishYamato2884d ago

Oh man, i cant wait for this game. Is it being held back until next year?

Lucreto2884d ago

Don't think so.

There is an Playstation event in Canada to preview the games coming out for Christmas and LBP2 will be there.

bjornbear2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

nono, its coming out november my friend. otherwise there wouldn't be a beta =P LBP2 and GT5 are PS3's big 2010 last shot. and its huge =D

Does anybody here think I should trade in my OLD LBP?! I don't have it platinumed...and probably never will anyway, and since LBP2 everything in LBP passes on, isn't LBP a bit pointless to have?! =P

Duxer2884d ago

I say keep LBP. It's an awesome game and you might need it someday.

Duxer2884d ago

No! Why would they delay LBP2?

Lucreto2884d ago

There was a story last night that a french retailer moved the release date into 2011.

nefertis2884d ago

I love the music for this ico lvl.

2884d ago
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