Sony PS3 3D update problematic on old consoles?

Users of the original, non-Slim PlayStation 3 may be unable to watch 3D movies despite an update to the console allowing 3D Blu-ray playback released yesterday.

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2923d ago
ingiomar2923d ago

I don't know why PS3 Fanboys are so excited about the 3D Features while most of them don't even have a 3D TV

I bet that out of the 10000 PS3 fanboys here on N4G only 2 of them actually have a 3D TV

paranoid19712923d ago

i have one and it f*****g rocks!

asyouburn2923d ago

excited about something you couldnt afford? just because the tv's they have now dont support 3d, doesnt mean that tv's they buy in the future wont have that feature.

Dramscus2923d ago

See the thing is, were excited that 3d support is started, even if 3d tv's aren't widespread. When they are, and when we all finally have them. We will all have a ton of games to use them with. Rather than 3dtv's becoming widespread and the industry having to play catch up.

nickjkl2923d ago

lets see here

replace ps3 with 360

replace 3d with HD

and it is the same as its 2005 allover again

Information Minister2923d ago

There was a time when 720p was the standard for HDTVs and 1080p was an added premium feature. Now, most HDTVs are 1080p and stereoscopic 3D is an added feature. Starting to see a pattern here?

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Dramscus2923d ago

my phat ps3 loaded the update fine.
I'm pretty sure most people who's ps3's die after updating are having problems because their internet hiccuped during the download. Which caused the firmware to be slightly corrupted and consequently to screw up their systems.

I load from internet everytime however. The moment I turn my ps3 on and see that there is in fact an update to download.

testerg352923d ago

You can't tell me that the PS3 doesn't do some sort of hash/crc check on the downloaded fw file?

El_Colombiano2923d ago

I don't want to be an asshole but I just want to point it out to you that had the internet disconnected through the download even for a second it wouldn't have affected the update itself. Also, when a download corrupts, it is corrupted. It's not a matter of becoming slightly corrupted or anything of that matter. It's either corrupted or not.

Like I said, I don't want to seem like an ass, I just wanted to point that out for you before some dick calls you out on it.

Dramscus2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

See I'd expect it to check too but thing is sony doesn't tell anybody anything about how these things work. When it installs it just appears to download then install, there isn't a space for it to check the file unless it's attached to the end of the download or the beginning of the install.

As it being corrupted or not corrupted, there are various degrees of corruption based on the amount of packets that have been corrupted during download. A file is not just one file, it's a series of data packages that attached together under one link that appears as a file.
If the ps3 isn't checking it's data a part of it could be corrupt. If say your internet hangs for a second or two, not disconnecting but repeating a package or three then the ps3 wouldn't know anything had happened and just continue on merrily. You probably already know all of this anyway.

Edit. Out of bubbles. I didn't know that was what tcp was for. I guess I'll have to call this a whoops miss informed

Ocelot5252923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


you sound funny

never heard of the TCP protocol? it ensures that what you download is correct and complete

ofcourse there is an other protocol(UDP) which doesn't ensures this, but there is NO way sony would use this because 99.99% of all downloads would be incorrect. this protocol is used for DNS, skype,...(thus for applications where loss of or incorrect data isn't a big problem)

had to study all the layers of protocols, from application layer(HTTP,FTP,..) to the physical layer

edit: forgot to mention that there is also error detection on the link layer(ethernet, wifi, ...)

Scotland-The-Brave2922d ago

Ive just completed my Networking course on protocols. It was so confusing, thank god i wont have any use for it in the real world. Anyway sony definitely wouldnt use UDP.

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amrasmord2923d ago

It's not true, my phat works fine.

GLoRyKnoT2923d ago

My (old fat 80gb) has been acting-up ever since the update.

Load hiccups, display issues & boots:( hope it's not true.

hot4play2922d ago


Me too. My 80 gb phat randomly freezes almost everytime I play Sports Champions. (HDMI wont read or something...) I have to restart my PS3...
First time this has happened after updating... :/

Christopher2923d ago

***updated Sony has responded that both versions of the console should have no problems watching most 3D movies, and after returning to the consoles and retesting we can now confirm this. The Monsters Vs Aliens disk does not work, however.****

It's an issue specific to the MvA movie. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the special deal Samsung has made with bundling it with their BD player. This might be one of those movies that only plays on Samsung for now.

Anton Chigurh2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

FW 3.41 is all I need right now and I'm enjoying my PS3 with the help of Mr Teensy++ lol

Good times


Relax dude, I have a sh!tty internet connection and I can't imagine downloading 20GB for a single game.

I installed snes emulator on my PS3 and i can't wait for other homebrew application.


Dude, I paid 600 euro for My phat PS3 and I can easily buy any game I want. If I hacked my PS3, that doesn't meant I will use it for game piracy. Some people would like to have a multimedia device that can play MKV and other types of media.

Dramscus2923d ago

So your a POS pirate. GTFO of here. Stop stealing stuff.

jack_burt0n2923d ago

Lol he still gives sony money anytime he buys or rents a bluray movie, he will probably end up renting a few games 2.

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jay22923d ago

Can't comment personally, need to wait for my 3D TV in the new year.

awiseman2923d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kurisu2923d ago

I've got a phat 80GB console, but I'm not getting a 3DTV until they go way...way, waaaaayyyyy down in price so this doesn't effect me YET.

asyouburn2923d ago

i bought a 46 inch lcd for about 1100 dollars a year ago, and alot of 3d enabled tv's are in the 1500 dollar range. thats pretty good

SmokeyMcBear2923d ago

dude, they are basically the same prices as regular plasma lcd tvs were last year.

ReservoirDog3162922d ago

Haha, but you can't justify it if you just bought a tv last year. Like I assume millions of people did last year.

Add to that people are already struggling with money.

Pennywise2923d ago

Cheap, uninformed consumers everywhere.

raztad2923d ago

3d tv are quite reasonably priced by now. They will be even cheaper by the time KZ3 arrives, that will be the time I pick one.

duplissi2923d ago

lol, thats not entirely true.... the reason 3d tvs are expensive isnt because of the 3d but because most manufacturers are putting it in their higher end tvs and not middle end tvs.

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R0l32923d ago

because nobody has a 3D TV yet... apart from Paris Hilton

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