The Dante That Almost Was


No matter how much you may hate the new punk look of Devil May Cry's Dante, keep in mind it could have been worse.

When developers Ninja Theory were asked by Capcom to come up with a new look for the star of a reboot of the popular action game, now known only as DmC, publisher Capcom told the studio they wanted extreme redesigns.

But Ninja Theory, perhaps worried about messing too much with so beloved a character in such a storied game, came back to Capcom with three or four new looks for Dante that were "maybe five percent improvements."

"We said, 'No, no, we want you to risk making us angry," lead DmC producer Alex Jones said in a recent interview with Kotaku. "We want it way out there and then we will walk the design back."

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Natsu X FairyTail2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Still doesnt explain why he lost the Silver hair. They coulda Named him something else than Dante.

RememberThe3572925d ago

"Part of the ethos of a reboot or retelling of an origin story is to go back and find out why certain totems of a franchise exist," Jones said, talking about Dante's famously white hair. "We want to tell those elements of the story."

darkdoom30002925d ago

^ doesn't explain why they changed white iconic white hair.

RememberThe3572925d ago

But it does say that they will explain it.

DeforMAKulizer2925d ago

As i said below, his hair is already white in the back of his head. So it is evident that it will whiten throughout the game as it progresses.

Look closely at the trailer again.

Reibooi2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

My main issue with the new Dante is small things. His mannerisms are just wrong. The whole taking a drag while laying on the statue thing at the end of the trailer made me wonder if the new Dante was gay just by the way he is laying like that.

Also as far as his look goes something as simple as making his hair white again would help ALOT more then they probably realize. And if he will have White hair again before the end of the game they need to let fans know that or show that or something.

My biggest issue is that I can see playing the game and not caring about how he looks during the combat but as soon as Story line comes into play and you have cut scenes with this new emo retarded looking Dante I just can't imagine that I will care at all and that's the whole point is to care about the story.

nnotdead2925d ago

are you saying no matter how good the gameplay, voice acting, and story is, you can't enjoy the game because of the character design? that seems pretty extreme.

lets be honest for a second here. Dante always looked a little gay/emo. just start with the hair. they sell the game by showing Dante with his hair covering one eye; classic emo if i ever saw it. lets not forget all of the leather, and every now and then without a shirt under the trench coat.

i'll admit that i dislike the new Dante's hair, but i could get over it if the rest of the game is good. considering i didn't enjoy 4 all that much, a reboot could be good for the series.

Reibooi2925d ago


The original Dante is far from Emo. Yes he had the hair covering one eye thing and while in the US this is a emo thing it's not in Japan. It's just another kind of style.

The new Dante SCREAMS emo in every single way. The hair style coupled with the color and his meek skinny look along with a hoodie that's loose fitting screams Emo more then the original Dante ever did.

I also don't think my take on not being able to enjoy the story is extreme at all. How many people don't like or enjoy J-RPG's because they don't like the way the characters look, act, sound. A ton. Despite many of them having great stories.

Prophet1122924d ago

There is probably going to be a part in the game where young Dante gets scared absolutely shitless, thereby turning his hair white. /jk

I can't remember if that can actually happen in real life.

nnotdead2924d ago

all that we have seen of the new Dante is a style also. who knows if he will act emo or not.

yes its ok to dislike the game if the character himself isn't likable, but it seemed like you could not enjoy the game even if all parts of the game where done well, including the character of Dante, but the design of Dante himself stayed as it is. i do find that to be strange.

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hay2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@darkdoom3000: They did explain it.
It's Dante from before the hair "whitening". They want to tell how he became the white haired badass we know and love.

I'm kinda confident in this game. I like the idea but I fear for the gameplay. Enslaved didn't click for me there.

@Edit: Lame, wrong reply.

Danteuiuiuiui2925d ago

In one of the games it's stated that he always had white hair, though.

peowpeow2925d ago

I think someone mentioned a photo in DMC3 showing Dante as a kid though still had white hair.

Snakefist302925d ago

In DMC 3 he was 18yrs old.In DMC 5 how old is he??

hay2925d ago

@Danteuiuiuiui: Yeah, I know. Hence the keyword: Reboot.
They're going in Nolan's(Batman Begins, Dark Knight) steps with DMC. May be a good thing, may not.

BldyShdw2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

In the Batman "reboots" they didnt change his iconic look...just minor things like the tank type batmobile. If the new DMC had small changes like that then it would be no big deal but this is huge...

AND Dante and Virgil are twins...are we to assume if something happens to the new dante to get white hair the EXACT same sanario will play out for virgil?

They screwed us...

hay2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@BldyShdw: You have a point there. I'm not defending them, but they might put Virgil in bigger role in the rebooted franchise and they must think of something how they got their hair, their weapons and their mentality.
While I like the new Dante's look I pretty much thought he won't be the same Dante we all know and love. When Ninja Theory confirmed it's the same Dante but "re-told" I started to be worried about more than gameplay alone. It's a bit big change for well established franchise with loyal fanbase.

Seeing Enslaved being based on Xī Yóu Jì, Trip reminds me a lot of Elena Fisher, Monkey looks nothing special as character(typical muscle guy), scenery rips of I am Legend bit too much and the whole evil robot army thingy doesn't make me confortable with their designing and writing skills.
They MIGHT f*ck it up.

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dangert122925d ago

Its the stress of previous games, he became a suicide emo. the devil made him cry O_o lol

unrealgamer582925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

So being the emo [email protected] that Is now dante he turned It silver to be more like the brother he'll never live up to.

(cue the music)
(cue the intro voice)


DeforMAKulizer2925d ago

Go over the trailer guys and focus on his hair. It is white in the back. Many times in the trailer i noticed that we can see glimpses of very white hair on the back of his head.

GSpartan7772925d ago Show
VileAndVicious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I love the DMC probably more than anyone, it was the entire reason I bought a ps2. But as they said the game is a reboot so they can change pretty much anything in the story.

So yes in the previous games dante may have had silver hair at birth but they may decide to change that. What's wrong with that as long as they explain it? Also what if dantes hair is silver now and he's just died it black because he doesn't wan't to accept who he is?

When I first saw the new trailer for dmc I was pissed and angry ay ninja theory. But after reading that interview it sounds like they didn't really want to change dante, but were forced to do so by capcom.
Now I think ill reserve my judgements until I see a bit more of the game, because it looks like their is a method to ninja theorys confesses after all.

DeforMAKulizer2915d ago

Why the hell did you go all offensive and crap and call me fucktard and all that nonsense...

jesuisankit2925d ago

If we read the preview on 1up.. they say the new Dante does has some white hair around his scalp.. I guess as the game progresses and as Dante progresses as a character his hair, appearance will change too.. Its an origin story as said.

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RememberThe3572925d ago

I'm not sold. I knew all of this before. I knew that Ninja Theory will make a game that is sown with a deep story and that the gameplay will be solid.

But I don't want to play an action game as an emo angst filled teen. I was never that and never wanted to be it. I can't relate to it. I wanted to play as Dante because he had this cool smooth swagger. I want to play as Kratos because he's a manifestation of pure rage and pain. I can relate to both these character to an extent so I wanted to play as them. If I don't feel a connection to the main character then your game has a problem.

If they are going to reboot the series it needs to feel like the first time you picked up the first game. It doesn't need to be that same in anyway, but that feeling of wonder and power need to be there or it's not the same game.

darkdoom30002925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Seeing what ninja theory did to dante... I makes me want to cry. :(

Dante was my favourite action game character. Why did they have to butcher him. I hate ninja theory so much. They killed him.... KILLED HIM!!!

R.I.P Dante 2001-2010

Chris nolans batman reboots is dark and gritty, but batman is still batman. He has his black batsuit. He has gadgets, he doesn't have powers. Bruce wayne is what hes always been. A 30ish bachelor who has a bucketload of money.

He didn't dare modifying the batman chacter to get more sales.

VileAndVicious2925d ago

But what about the most recent James Bond movies? Daniel craig is pretty much nothing like any of the previous Bonds yet he is arguably one of the best actors that have played bond. And as a result more people who normally wouldn't have even watched a 007 movies are now fans

Mahr2925d ago

How do you figure? Capcom were the ones saying "Make a new Dante design that will make both us and the fans angry!" and Ninja Theory were the ones saying 'Whoa, wait a minute, man, let's not be crazy here.'

TheHardware2925d ago

Radical redesign, why didn't they really go to extremes, Like making him Black or Mexican?

Because They want it to cater to a western audience, which the Japanese regard as Caucasian. I think this game will be good, NT is a solid company, but I am passing because this is a marketing ploy, designed to make money, The decisions made weren't for the betterment of the game....I think I'll pass.

There will be Castlevania to play

Karum2925d ago

um there's a big difference when redesigning when we're talking about someone's build, hair colour and facial features compared to his ethnic origins.

Asking the question of making him black or Mexican is just a silly thing to say and it's not because they want to cater to a western audience which they view as caucasian.

The story is clearly about a younger Dante, not his Black or Mexican cousin.

xAlmostPro2925d ago

because its still dante? like this article is saying theres reasoning behind the new look, it wasn't just a simple random redesign.. its a reboot. It will still be telling the story, but this time it will be more driven without all the holes

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