IGN editors: Lair is painful, repetitive and not very fun

On the latest IGN Play B3yond podcast, IGN Playstation editors say that Lair is painful, repetitive and not very fun. They also state that they do have the review build of Lair and the review will be out in two weeks to coincide with the game's launch.

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xaphanze4081d ago

I've been waiting months for this game, i think i wont get it afterall,seems all the reviews are right.

ALI-G4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

or maybe NINTANDO. who knows it could be SEGA or maybe they all involved in the consibersy of S*it ps3 games

EDIT: my insider told me it is indeed TOSHIBA and HD-DVD camp behind all the negative reviews PS3 getting lately

OMG:did anyone think about this?could it be the al-Qaida terrorist ATTACK aginst sony?

hazeblaze4081d ago

The game will have to score below a 7 on GS & IGN for me to question whether or not I want it. With all of the mixed reviews, it may just be a rental at this point... but from everything I've seen, it's still the type of game that I'd like to play.

HowarthsNJ4081d ago

These guys doing the talking haven't even played it.

They watched "Greg" playing it and he's over in Germany right now and not even on this podcast panel.

"...looks painful, repetitive and not very fun" He then repeats, "painful to the eyes".

We all know that isn't true, the game is beautiful to look at:

The KEN KUTARAGI4081d ago

This just in..................


WHat do we hang our hats on now?

Oh, I know...

Let's talk up the new eye toy to distract people from our pathetic games!!! brilliant

supnub54080d ago

guess won't get oh and xbots i give up you were right this game is a failure.

ericnellie4080d ago

and still am. I guess, we shouldn't count our chickens before they hatch. It's a new IP on a new platform. The concept is interesting but, it's obivious they could have done a better job. Screenshots are one thing and seeing the actual game in motion is another. You don't need to actually play the game to judge it's graphical content! I'll keep my fingers crossed:)

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RadientFlux4081d ago

Factor 5 needs to try their hand at a different genre, try doing something like Turrican again.

Antan4081d ago

Funny you should say that..................;)

Omegasyde4080d ago

perhaps this game isn't for everyone? I was going to buy it because of the massive hype but now I think I will rent it. I thought Rouge squadron
blew and I didn't like the gameplay. But it was pretty...I guess.

Perhaps they should of had the option of getting off the dragon and going mid evil on your enemies? Or heck even had some kind of multi-player option since now adays, the new standard is multiplayer and singleplay on one game.

AngryHippo4081d ago

i guess one bad review, you could say ok, they didn't have the review code and it was an old build.....but this is the final review build, no excuses anymore. I thought this game would have turned out better.

HowarthsNJ4081d ago

The guys on the podcast have never played it.

Listen to the recording for proof. Misleading headline.

DeadIIIRed4081d ago

Did you not even read the summary?

"They also state that they do have the review build of Lair and the review will be out in two weeks to coincide with the game's launch."

CNIVEK4081d ago


That's a rather condemning adjective. :D

The Real Joker4081d ago

This sucks really. I respect IGN. So I am going to rent it before I pass judgement.

LeonSKennedy4Life4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Stiffle, will ya Edith?

Seriously though...great name and avatar.

I respect IGN's reviews...but...why? Everyone has said the game is amazing UP UNTIL THIS POINT...??? Somebody's being paid off. I'm not kidding and I'm not being a fanboy here. There's something definitely wrong here.

toughNAME4081d ago

M$ is out to get you!

The KEN KUTARAGI4081d ago

The game LOOKED great, and played OK

Nobody reputable that played the demos at any of the games shows was blown away by LAIR's gameplay.

It looks pretty, but lack of creativity will kill a game quicker than building a game based on a movie

Covenant4081d ago

Ken Kutaragi: "it looks pretty, but lack of creativity will kill a game quicker than building a game based on a movie"

Very good point. As I've said a hundred times, graphics and eye candy will only take you so far. Quality gameplay is eternal.

We'll see when the game is released. A few reviews do not tell the whole story.

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