Shocking News: EA Games Run Slower On PS3 Than Xbox 360

In a written statement, Todd Sitrin, EA's vice president of marketing sports branding, said that its games are tweaked in different ways to fit the different consoles. "In designing a game, there are all sorts of tradeoffs that include frame rate, visuals, features, AI, etc. Football is an extremely challenging sport to replicate because of the number of people on the field, their interaction, and the scope of the environments. As you can see, every company making a football game this year made a decision that the best experience for the Xbox 360 included 60fps whereas the best experience for the PS3 was 30fps."

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Maddens Raiders3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

for bringing this to my attention. This is not really news of course now, I just wonder if EA is wholly committed to the 360 by design and fate?

If this is the attitude being so boldly touted by EA (basically telling PS3 owneres to go to Hell), then I pose the question:

Isn't it time for PS3 owners to boycott Peter Moore, EA and their substandard offerings once and for all -- or are going to by and let this company laugh with our money all the way to the coffers? You be the judge.

----------------------------- >>>BOYCOTT ELECTRONIC ARTS

Maddens Raiders3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

thanks for the vote of confidence xboxjimmy, maybe I judged you too soon. Sometimes, you've just got to say what's on everybody's mind -- and more importantly, what's right.

BADBOYEK43953d ago

Stop crying like A Little BLtch and buy both Systems.

Mr Murda3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I'm still way behind in understanding why you haven't been boycotting EA for the past few years anyway...I have. You're all worked up over an inferior Football game in the first place, it just so happens to be that EA has NFL licensing rights for Madden. So, here's my solution...go buy All Pro Football 2k8 and enjoy a good football game.

You wouldn't even be sweating this issue if you weren't such a fanboy in the first place.

Kleptic3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I boycotted EA on principle alone years ago...NFS hasn't been fun since High Stakes or Hot Pursuit 2...and EA making a "new" sport's game every year isn't going to get me interested in them in the slightest...

EA milks everything to death...MOH should have been retired years ago...and something new and fresh should have been thought up in place of it...luckily COD4 is going to show EA and whoever is making Airborne that no one wants to play their 19th retelling of some part of WWII...

if you want to learn about D-Day, the 101st Airborne, and various parts of Europe from an Allied Band of is way better than any video game's cheap rip-offs...and gives your hard earned money to talented people that deserver it...Not EA...who simply sucks...

Burnout Paradise looks to be fun...a first for EA in a very long time...but even that only lookss fun as a rental for a few days...we will see...and they are publishing Crysis, which is strange being that it isn't coming out on every platform ever concieved in the industry...

ALI-G3953d ago

that will coast them much more if they waste time and effort to make the games run as smmoth as 360

daomay3953d ago

yeah keeep this shiiit up EA....soon you gona have to liccck me A$$ for me to buy any of your titles....for me ps3

I wonder how long EA is gona be on top for....
Learn from ROCKSTAR...the fuker are about to go bankrupt...

Just remember....who is your daddy EA?

ME thats WHO!

MikeGdaGod3953d ago

besides Madden, i won't be getting any other EA games until they fix this.

i was looking foward to Army of Two, but that will probably be the same way and the last few videos i've seen haven't looked so good.

no problem though, for the next few weeks ps3 will be getting some really good games.

ps. i still maintain that Madden 08 isn't that bad for ps3. I had two friends over last night, that have the game on 360, playing it on ps3 and they knew nothing about how many fps the game had in comparison to the 360. we played for about four hours and NOT ONE TIME did they make any comments on how it looked worst or ran slower.

in fact, they commented on how at half time and end of the game the 360 version only shows one replay. i played the 360 version for a while but i don't remember if thats correct. anyone else know, cause they swore up and down the 360 only showed one.

wolfgang3953d ago

I can understand why ps3 owners are angry at EA, they get less for their money compare to 360 owners.

But I'm not sure if your boycott suggestion will have any effect at all on EA except maybe make them laught a little. People have been complaining for years about how crappy ea is getting, some even admit hating them and swear they'll never buy anything from them again. Still they making tons of money. So either very few gamers do follow the boycott or people avoiding EA were not ea fan in the first place.

If you really want your boycott to affect EA, you need to have millions of gamers behind you.

J Allard 3603953d ago

Stop crying like a little [email protected]! Get a 360 or just STFU! Your Bottleneck 3 sucks azz! Blame it on Sony for the crappy design! The water is warm JUMP IN!

TylerDurden3953d ago

The 360 version has more than one replay. I think it has like 5 or 6 big plays listed out, however you have to select the one you want to watch. If you don't select one, than the game will keep replaying the top one on the list. So I guess that is how your friends may have gotten confused

Panthers3953d ago

Buying a 360 for EA games would be the most retarded thing ever. EA sucks anyways and they are showing their incompetence as a video game company. Ubisoft is making ports now that are on par or better than the 360 versions (GRAW 2). There are 0 excuses for EAs shortcomings.

Kleptic3953d ago

Panther you beat me to it...

If you chose a console by which system plays a sports game like madden better...that is beyond retarded...

I wouldn't care in the slightest if the PS3 version would be than the 360' is still football...and it is still more fun to watch the real thing rather than play it in an extremely unrealistic way...Tecmo bowl was fun when I was very little...It is almost humorous how similar Madden 08 is in a lot of ways....

I don't know...I know a lot of people that buy all those games...but I would simply play football for real with friend's before playing it with a controller...Shooting people in video games is very fun...and not exactly something that is recommended to do "for real"...playing football is fun...and there is no reason to pretend to play football in front of a with pretty much every other sports game, aside from racing games...which is very difficult to do in reality...

tmax3953d ago

Todd Sitrin is retarded if he thinks i will believe the crap spewing out of his mouth.

Todd Sitrin + EA = Turd

sak5003953d ago

LOL Madden, this way you guys would soon be out of publishers. Capcom out, UBi out, EA out. Whats left?

Omegasyde3952d ago

Screw the 60 frames vs 30 frames Crap guys. I am a PSWii60 Owner and None of my systems will see any of EA's glitchy, rushed, and boring junk.

EA screwed the pooch when they bought out the NFL License. No competition means boring and no innovation. They do milk franchise and they release games with glitches galore.

The only thing EA has going right, is Command and Conquer and Burn-out.

But knowing EA eventually they will milk these franchises to the ground and pull a "SEGA" and kill their mascots/franchises off.

But MaddenRaiders, You did go a little overboard with the Madden '08 and perhaps you should just let that game go. What do you expect from EA now that the former TOP 360 man in charge, is now working for EA?

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akaFullMetal3953d ago

well this sucks for us people who have ps3's then

mighty_douche3953d ago

you cant seriously tell me that if they can get COD4 to run the same on the ps3 that madden or any other EA cant! EA are a joke, the company are not about releasing top quality games, they purely just want money money money whether the game is up to scratch or not! BASTARDS!!!

nomuken3953d ago

EA. Thats Monkey shat. Pfft

Danielson3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )


sak5003953d ago

4.1 - F*CK

So imagine how much worse its is to develop for ps3 when they have to resort to doing that.

sak5003953d ago

4.1 - F*CK

So imagine how much worse it is to develop for ps3 when they have to resort to doing that.

DEADEND3953d ago

I gave up on EA a long time ago, the only game their making that I like is CRYSIS and I'm still thinking whither I should get it or not.

mighty_douche3953d ago

dont give any credit to EA for crysis, they have had little to no hand in the actually development of that game and look how good it is! im sure it was rumoured from crytech that if crysis ever came out on a console it would be the ps3 so how does that work then??

Salvadore3953d ago

EA never makes quality games like Crysis (they have a few in this generation), they are just publishing the game.

Komrad3953d ago

EA is only the publisher on crysis no?