Nintendo 3DS spec report, what it means, and an updated feature breakdown including 3D camera news.

"Paul Gale Network has revealed the specs for the 3DS acquired from a 3rd party source as well as more information on the 3DS' features including the gyroscopes/accelerometers, 3D cameras, and more."

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John007guy2883d ago

I think I'm pleased with most of that. :)

qface642883d ago

we will officially know all the details on the 29th

AzadFujishima2883d ago

......and that day can't come soon enough! At least in the meantime we have what might be close to real specs! Even if the specs end up being off the hands on impressions on the article from Paul Gale Network are cool. I can't wait to learn more about it's features!

DatNJDom812883d ago

cant wait for next week. I just hope that there isnt a flood of shovelware/little kid games that usually accompany Nintendo systems. If im impressed next week mark me down for 1.

kesvalk2883d ago

i just hope they don't have friend codes.

or only 1 friend code per 3DS, so you register with other ppl and don't need to register again for every game you gonna play...

JIronMan2883d ago

if nintendo is smart they will let the vc and dsiware games be able to be stored on sd cards bit with some sortta copyright protection. i hate the way it is on wii.

Seferoth752883d ago

I know it totally sucks being able to do just that today on the Wii.... Been like that for over a year dude... Way to admit you don't own a Wii.

BarbWire2883d ago

I'm pretty certain that Nintendo has learned from their mistakes on Wii.
It's not like they screwed up royaly because they are in 1st place, but
if they fix a few things they will be just fine with 3DS.
Plus Nintendo just knows handhelds to well to messup.

XXXCouture2883d ago

i agree but remember, when youre at the top it can only go one way

AzadFujishima2883d ago

Why can't it be next week already?! lol

HiroyasuKarpovsky2883d ago

VERY interesting. Seems pretty powerful.

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The story is too old to be commented.