Planet Michael MMO: Could it be bigger than World of Warcraft?

Product-Reviews writes: Planet Michael has been described as an ‘innovative virtual reality universe’ which will allow you to interact with other gamers on environments which are connected to Michael Jackson’s life as an artist and humanitarian.

Sounds interesting doesnt it? If you ask me, this game has the potential to be the biggest MMO game ever. World of Warcraft obviously is the king, but come on, this is a Michael Jackson MMO! Forget about that silly Michael Jackson dancing game, Planet Michael could become something very special in the online gaming world.

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Vegeta90002799d ago

But not bigger than Hello Kitty Online.

Spinal2799d ago

Of course this crap will never be bigger than World of Warcraft no MMO is. No MMO makes the amount of money WoW does. You can have more subscribers alright but that happens to be non-paying subs. WoW is only Paid subs over 11 million of them.

Darkfiber2799d ago

Don't be stupid. 11 million is the number of subscribers they had 3 years ago, they probably have less than half that at this point. Nobody cares about that outdated piece of crap anymore.