Eagle Eye Converter: Review With Gameplay

Ironstar Writes:
Have you ever wanted to play your favorite PS3 games with a mouse and keyboard? Enter the Eagle Eye Converter. Console gamers are no longer restricted to the confinements of a traditional analog controller. Thanks to company Penguin United PlayStation 3 owners are now able to play their favorite games using a keyboard and mouse.

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jidery2772d ago

I really hope this does not cause an advantage for the person using this. If it gets too popular, sony might ban it.

CobraKai2772d ago

Is there really a chance for something like this to get banned? I mean it does give the player a major advantage over DS3 players. I may get it considering how much I suck at MP shooters.


So, PS Move players will get banned too for game like Socom 4 or Killzone 3?

morganfell2772d ago

No because Sony can tell if you use a DS3 or a Move. For example, Ter Heide stated that Guerrilla is still play testing to determine if they are going to use separate servers for Move and the DS3.

They may be able to tell with this device as well. In UT3 they could tell if you were using KB/M or a DS3 and you had a choice of DS3, K/B and M, or both. This ability to tell was due to your control selection in the menu. But it could also have something to do with an ID transmitted by the DS3 .

Schobeleth2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

This will give it's owners a HUGE advantage over others in any game, most especially shooters. Think about it, instead of the analog sticks you just have your mouse to whip the camera around, the movement is so much faster, most especially in Killzone 2.

Edit: PS Move support for games that have online multiplayer will be interesting. I'm wondering if they'll do what Unreal Tournament 3 did, separate it via control set up? This is, of course if the Move support gives a big advantage over traditional DS3 support.

This adapter though is definitely a major advantage over any set up as it has both mouse and keyboard. I can already imagine the people doing jumping 360 no-scope headshots in online multiplayer -_-

eggbert2772d ago

have hugely reduced accuracy when jumping don't they? I mean you get lucky every once in a while, but usually only noobs spray and pray.

Schobeleth2772d ago

That comment was mostly to make fun of people who actually try for stuff like that in shooters.. I just play them for fun :P

morganfell2772d ago

That so called huge advantage goes away when you are in close quarters. The in ability to turn rapidly then go immediately back to long range abilities, then back to close quarters will sooner or later have you putting this away.

In any TPS title with an independent camera (Splinter Cell is an example) these things are really useless as that rotational camera will beat your butt on a KB/M.

When the Smartjoy came out ( ) people tried playing HALO 2 with it and were dusted. They IGN is wrong about the sensitivity adjustment. There actually is a method for adjusting it - you just can't change it on the fly and that killed you.

NegativeCreepWA2772d ago

Sony doesn't care if multi player is balanced or they would of never allowed K/M to be used in the first place. I consider it cheating, just like using controllers with turbo and macros.

n4gno2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

It's the reason why PS3 fps makers should always allow mouse/keyboard on PS3, like for unreal tournament, with separated servers(mouse/ds3/mouse+ds3... and move why not).

You'll always see some cheaters with that kind of accessory, but way less, if every gamers who wants to play with a mouse, can play without buying the accessory.

" if they really do fix that horrible aiming system."

it's probably difficult when you are an auto-aim addict, but the system is just perfect !

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Pandamobile2772d ago

My money just transferred to my Paypal. So ordering one of these.

evrfighter2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

y hello thar derek.

lemme know how it works out. I use the xim on the ps3 with a cross battle adapter from xfps. if you like it add me to psn or xbl same name. though atm I'm playing reach. I'll probably pickup kz3 if they really do fix that horrible aiming system.

I've used the xfps sniper plus for the 360 and while I can still top frag in mw2. I'm always fighting my aim. very not fun. I hope the eagle eye gives you more customizable controls than xfps did at least.

xim360 imo is the best device for a pc gamer if they are switching to a 360. A good review from Panda would seal the deal with many pc gamers here at n4g If they are looking to tryout a console.

Newtype2772d ago

Why didn't you buy it from Amazon? Free shipping.

Pandamobile2772d ago

Didn't have it on

xTruthx2772d ago

this does, I have it lol

DrewPays2772d ago

Im impressed with how well you did in KZ2

eggbert2772d ago

Since a lot of future games will support move, i'm wondering if I should get this adapter along with the move or not. I'm mainly a PC gamer, so my preferred method is keyboard and mouse. I don't know if I should drop an additional $50 for this though if I am already getting Move.

Kontraband812772d ago

Move will only work with games designed for Move. This adapter will work with any game.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Not only designed only for Move, also DS3 Controller games like Killzone 3, Socom 4, RE5, MAG and more are getting PS Move support.

eggbert2772d ago

with console games, people generally tend to abandon games a lot faster than they do on PC. I'd expect most of my friends are planning on buying KZ3, Socom, etc in the future, and most of them have stopped playing games like WaW, KZ2, Resistance 2, etc. I'm expecting most of the major games to be getting move support in the future, it doesn't seem too hard to incorporate afterall.

I'd just like to see how much of a difference there really is between a mouse and keyboard. If the Move can mimic the accuracy well enough, I could save myself some cash.

xTruthx2772d ago

Well from a pc gamer to another, Im sure it will be a lot easier and more natural(for FPS) with the mouse and keyboard than with the move. + pretty sure you'll get tired of holding it up for long periods of time.

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