Capcom explains what Asura's Wrath isn't

Like a kid being told Santa isn't real.

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Natsu X FairyTail2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Why wouldnt it be a good game?

Most capcom games released on next gen consoles were good. You might not have Liked them because they differed from the last games or because they went multiplatform but they were still good games.

DMC4 positive reviews (error: stupid character nero)
RE5 positive revews (error :More action than Survival error)
DR positive reviews
DR2 positive reviews
SF4(both) positive reviews (error: Stupid costume packs)

Aside from that there's Lost planet 1 & 2 and Bionic comando and Dark void and two of those IP's were made by American devs.

The new DMC have big chances of being a Great game even though we dont like the new character desing.

Asura's wrath is looking out to be a Good Hack N Slash game in the likes of God Of hand which was really underated back on PS2.

Masamori Sumimura2803d ago

God Hand was always one of my favorite games on PS2. very underated aswell.

unrealgamer582803d ago

Right, In my opinion theyre good not great.

gauntletpython2803d ago

In all honesty, neither GOW3 nor Bayonetta had multiplayer, robust item/skill systems, etc. As long as the combat is deep (which it sounds like it may be), it could be good.

Neckbear2803d ago

...I wouldn't call the combat in that one "Deep" at all.

DelbertGrady2803d ago

What are you saying!?

God of War has deeper combat than Bayonetta, DMC and Ninja Gaiden combined. The combat in God of War is probably the deepest in any action game I've ever come across. In fact, it's the deepest game I've ever played. And the best. Ever.

Masamori Sumimura2803d ago

I'd like to believe you but your lack of bubbles isnt helping.

GoW is a great game but the Combat system isnt deeper than DMC. Just check the combo Videos on youtube. Same thing for Ninja Gaiden.

maniacmayhem2803d ago

You have to be kidding, GoW was a good game but deep combat system?
Not at all.

Bayonetta had a deep combo system and a lot of combinations with weapons and her feet weapons.

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Neckbear2803d ago

These guys even grab Naruto games and make them good.

Might know 'em as well for their .hack// games. Good stuff.

avengers19782803d ago

I'm waiting to see some more game play footage, and possible a little more on what it is.
It seems like it could be awesome, but then again it could just be a cheap crappy game.

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Nitrowolf22803d ago

I will give this game a chance since Cyber Connect 2 is behind it

Neckbear2803d ago

No Capcom engine, no DLC, and no over-complicated tacked-on RPG mechanics?

Good. None of those are needed.

Quagmire2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

looks awesome

jetlian2803d ago

about the depth of combat though. CC2 isn't good in that department!!. Naruto storm looks good but lacks options on combos.

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