NVIDIA reveals Fermi's successor: Kepler at 28nm in 2011, Maxwell in 2013

Not a lot of details to be had, but NVIDIA wants you to know Fermi isn't the company's be-all, end-all GPU -- "hundreds of engineers" are already hard at work on Codename Kepler, expected to go to production this year and ship in 2011.

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Nihilism2857d ago

This makes me very angry, the 28nm successor will be out before RAGE even releases...

Fermi, we barely knew ye.

After my next cpu/mobo/ram upgrade, I will wait 5 years for my next one I think, i'm sick of this $#!+ happening after I upgrade. My next one will be a mid range card that performs twice as good as my current card for <$200.

jidery2857d ago

Just get the 5870 and your set for a few years.

Nihilism2857d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I have an O.C 480, but from this news it sounds like the next series will be a significant update.

"What the hell are we going to do with all that power :0 "

We mod fallout 3 even more so the entire game is rendered with no object streaming at all. I'm pretty close as it is now, but not quite.

This was taken with my old card so I had no AA in this shot because the modding was brutal.



Gameplay shot:


"Igor the internet gimp"

lol that's classic

tdrules2856d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing GTA IV running at everything on highest @ 125fps with all settings maxed.
with enbseries

Sarcasm2856d ago

Honestly, I don't see the true purpose for people wanting X amount of GPU's to run today's games other than Crysis or Metro 2033. Everything runs at a solid 60fps is good enough for me, even on my hated red headed step child GTX 465.

An OC'd 480 is more than enough for future games. Heck, it'll last until 2013 and by then we could optionally upgrade to the Maxwell and be set for another 3-5 years.

likedamaster2851d ago

Comments here express both the joy and frustrations of PC gaming. Been pc gaming for too long, don't think I'll abandon ship anytime soon.

I'm a little too obsessed with having to run my games at max settings and at nothing less than 1920x1200 res... but that's just me.

And where's our dual gpu 495 card, Nvidia?

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LostDjinn2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Right there with ya my friend. This P's me off. I'm posting this on Igor the internet gimp (a Pentium D) but my work rig is the one I upgrade so this sucks. At least I can claim some of the cost back on my tax return.

Letros2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Take it easy on the 1080p screenshots, a lot of people on this site would have a heart attack seeing that res in a game for the first time.

On topic, I too was under the impressions Fermi would be their architecture for awhile, possibly this is just a PR stunt to make ATI's new cards seem meaningless, they've done it before.

hoops2856d ago

Nvidia did this WITH Fermi. They hyped it because it was delayed for so long in hopes to keepbuyers from not buying AMD's 5xxx series of cards.
ATI does the same shit also

koehler832856d ago

This is why the general lack of enthusiasm toward PC gaming dude. It's a treadmill. It's hard to spend money on the many games you want to enjoy when you're throwing money down the crapper year after year for insignificant, incremental performance increases.

Even if you build a new rig every few years, you're just putting yourself in your own multi-thousand dollar console cycle.

Letros2856d ago

Who says you HAVE to upgrade? The 8800GTX is still putting out console level quality from 2006.

imvix2856d ago

lol dude its called progress, like letros said 8800gtx still beats any console out there. you dont wanna upgrade dont, and u still will be ahead of console folks while getting every game cheaper.

For those that are making a new computer they can be rest assured they will be getting more performance per $ compared to the previous year. With consoles you are still getting the same performance even if you buy a PS3/xbox next year.

tdrules2856d ago

you say insignificant upgrades and that's exactly what they are.
a 9600gt from 3 years ago can still play every game released in the past 5 years

xTruthx2856d ago

8800GT series was a great, really powerful cards

evrfighter2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

innovation and competition drives the prices on the best cards today WAYYYYY down. Most of the time I'm a vulture upgrader. Meaning I pickup my parts as they are being discontinued and on the cheap.

This gen however I picked up the 5870 early and it's staying power is scary.

play it smart. do your homework before you start pulling the trigger on upgrades.

or you could just buy your toybox console and pretend that 720p is High Def gaming lol. 2002 says hi.

Sarcasm2856d ago

The old saying is true here, if you have to upgrade every year on your computer build, "You're doing it all wrong."

The only reason elite PC gamers keep upgrading their cards is because they are addicted to seeing 120-180fps in games. When in reality, to get a playable super smooth experience with everything maxed out, V-SYNC and triple buffering on, 60FPS is more than enough!

Besides, it's all optional. There are pros and cons to console gaming and pc gaming. Only fanboys of one particular path is going to miss out on everything.

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Newtype2856d ago

It's like what Intel does, makes you buy a new board every quarter.

JsonHenry2856d ago

hrmm... I guess I might wait and see what they have to offer before I upgrade then. I was going to get another 5870 but with new cards being predicted in the next year or so I might just wait I guess.

hoops2856d ago

GPU upgrades happen every 6 months. Its the course of the business.
We all knew Nvidia was working on correcting the issues with Fermi and a release GPU was coming. Don't be mad dude. Its how things go.
I am still running twin 5970's in my box and have no plans on updating these for a good 2+ years.

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Pandamobile2857d ago

Jesus Christ.

If the Maxwell flagship GPU has a similar TDP to the GTX 480 (let's hope not), developers will have 4800 TFLOPS of double precision compute power. In comparison, a high end CPU like the i7 920 has a peak of like 300 GFLOPS; Cell CPU is about 220 GFLOPS.

What the hell are we going to do with all that power :0

Fishy Fingers2856d ago

Not a lot if they keep holding back on PC development to focus on the consoles. Where's my Crysis 2 Dx11 footage!?!? Little off topic I know.

imvix2856d ago

I personally have 5870 in CF, with I7 @ 3.8ghz. No point upgrading until they throw us some games that take advantage of the hardware.

OpenGL2856d ago

I think you're doing that math wrong; if it has the same TDP as the GTX 480, maxwell should be approximately 15x more powerful. That means it'll be around 20 TFLOPS of single precision performance, or 2.52TFLOPS of double precision performance, assuming nothing is changed but the lithography.

Pandamobile2856d ago

I meant 4800 GFLOPS, not TFLOPS. First result for GTX 480 TDP was 300 W, so I used that.

How'd you get 2.52 TFLOPS?

OpenGL2856d ago

The GTX 480 is currently rated at 1.35 Tflops of single precision performance, and 168 Gflops of double precision performance. A 15x increase assuming there are not major improvements in double precision performance, would lead to the numbers I've estimated.

Nihilism2856d ago

Yay the trolls are here * claps closed fists like a retarded seal*

Disagrees all round everyone!

"Play beyond!"

"It only does everything"

"Augmented reality"

"the only TRUE HD console"

I'm sure there are more mantras it's been a while since i've been to the cult mass though...

JsonHenry2856d ago

The only true HD gaming device I know of is the PC. Not sure what they are talking about any console doing it right or honestly. Upscaled graphics are still sub HD.

kaveti66162856d ago

I can't imagine the amount of heat those cards would produce.

Fishy Fingers2856d ago

They should be hugely efficient, far more so than the current Nvidia offerings, so really, shouldnt be any worse than it is now.

Azurite2856d ago

It does say "DP GFLOPS per Watt", which makes me believe they'll lower the Wattage while keeping the card about twice the strength of the former generation like usual.

The cards won't be as many times stronger as the graph would suggest...
At least this is how I view it, wouldn't mind being proved wrong.

xg-ei8ht2856d ago

What trolls, that has always been the problem with pc gaming.

When you upgrade, something else comes along quite quickly. But also overclocking and benching, On pc i probably spent more time doing benchmarks then playing at times, always looking at the fraps counter,lol oh i wonder if i can get another few fps,etc. It's just not worth it in the short term.

In the long term on a pc, If say you play bf3(not out yet) and want to get a min fps and you know you'll be playin the game for along time, i get trying to have a nice stable framerate.

But i think it's good to have a decent pc and a console.

Otherwise you miss out on alot of excellent games.

Also as long as your hitting you native rez for your monitor and it's smooth, it's all good.

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