GameSpot: Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review

In addition to the Normal mode, there's a series of very tough bonus stages, as well as a mode that generates levels from music on your hard drive and a mode that creates 99 different, increasingly challenging stages each time you play. These randomly generated and musically generated stages aren't as compelling as the expertly designed Normal mode, but even if you just stick to those 30 stages, you get so much great shooter for your $10. It's not quite infinite, but it is one of the most inventive and flat-out fun space shooters of the past few years.

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MrMccormo2925d ago

This game is okay for modern gamers, but for someone who has grown up with the old-school chiptunes and graphics, this game is a freakin' love letter!

burn102925d ago

I played the crap out of the original space invaders on the atari. I can't wait until I try this.