Tips Every Girl Should Know: Dating a Gamer (Ep. 02)

Not all girls are gamers, and not all should be. Some gamer-guys though just wouldn't be the same if they couldn't share their love of gaming with their partner. So we are here to help the girls that love the guys that love the games. Here are some more simple tips to get the relationship to level 2 before using up all your continues.

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TheHardware2855d ago

Girls whom wouldnt normally date gamers that would need this advice, also wouldnt be on your

SarahFox2855d ago

Yeah, that's why we suggested emailing it to them,

bigO131302854d ago

Im curious to know if you are a gamer or did you have to be woo'd into gaming by some similar fashion? ha ha 8-)

SarahFox2854d ago

oh i've been a gamer forever, have always loved it. You can find me at my apt every Fri or Sat night playing PSN until COD: BO'ps comes out. You would be surprised how many guys i had to let go though because they thought games were "childish", yeah it happens to girls too. :(