Metal Gear Online - New Screenshots

Here are the new screenshots from the closed beta showing off more of Metal Gear Online on the PS3. Featuring characters, stages, and the same control scheme as found in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4, this reloaded MGO experience packs in additional environments, game modes, and team-based multiplayer mayhem to make this the ultimate online companion to MGS4.

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boi4138d ago

it really does look good...weren't expecting it...

I really can't wait for this and MGS4 :D

daomay4138d ago

i betya some a$$ from xbox is gona say....
this pic is a copy cat from the xbox GROW2. lol

Greysturm4138d ago

Graw 2 already came out on ps3 today...

Mr Murda4138d ago

...they do look like CoD2 from the 360.

shysun4138d ago

I thought the same thing,so it's just not Xboys.I will be a great game though!:)

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The story is too old to be commented.