HBG Video Review: PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move has been released and many people wonder how is it?! Well, check out HBG's video review above and find out.

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jidery2920d ago

I love you Kreyg!

Anyway, having owning move, i feel that Tumble, Start the Party, and Sports champions, its plenty of content because each game lasts quite a while.

Kreyg2920d ago

Yeah I could see that, but still, those games won't appeal to everyone unfortunately.

Sports Champions is fun and Tumble was A LOT better than I was expected.

Ven10002920d ago

some of my friends who were skeptical about Move and are more PS3 oriented spent 2 hours JUST playing the Tumble demo. Yes, demo. Needless to say they like Move. One of them will be buying my old PS3 Eye just so he can buy the Move controller.

And while Tumble, Start the Party, and Sports Champions are great games, lets not forget about the backlog of games that can also be used. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Tiger Woods 11, MLB 10 the Show, Heavy Rain, High Velocity Bowling, ect.

Kreyg2920d ago

True, but the thing is personally I feel there needs to be more move specific games. Not just games with added move support. The biggest problem with Move is not enough games are be designed for move from the ground up. Sony is just slapping move support all over existing titles.

I didn't buy move to play games I've played already, I want new exciting content that is move oriented.

Although, I would like to try RE, heh.

Ven10002920d ago

just like in Nov 2006 when PS3 came out and everyone was clamoring about "It Has No Games" and look where we are now. Granted with Move you will not have to wait a year or 2 for a strong lineup of games back to back but come spring 2011 there are some great Move specific titles coming out, like Sorcery.

Give it time. The games will come. Also, what's nice about the PS3 is that between the Move games we will still continue to enjoy the plethora of AAA PS3 exclusives as well as the good multiplat games. I already have too many games that I need to play.

Kreyg2920d ago

I definitely agree that it can and probably will improve over time. No doubt about that one. I hope it does too, it has A LOT of potential.

JoeReno2920d ago

I really dont believe sony is "slapping" on move to the back log of games. They are however finding games that mesh well with move so that it wont feel slapped on. I agree that we will all like to see games that are built just for move, but its really about having options.

Kreyg2920d ago

Yeah, I see what you're saying and you do make a good point. I retract that "slapping on" statement. They just need more move specific games IMO.

moparful992920d ago

Just like the launch of every piece of hardware ever made the lineup of games is going to be slim pickings.. Thats just the nature of it. Developers havent had enough time to get an accurate feel for the hardware and as with everything else over time the level of quality and the quantity will go up.. This gamer mentality of now now now has got to stop.. We sound like the spoiled little girl off of charlie and the chocolate factory.. I want that golden ticket! so her parents buy like 5000 chocolate bars.. It's rediculous, enjoy the phenomenal first party titles like sports champions, tumble, eye pet, heavy rain, and mag the rest will come.. I mean come on this is sony we are talking about....

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Kiam742920d ago

Meh the Move is ok. Im probably gonna pass this up though until i see some games that are interesting.

ashkon912920d ago

Im sorry but a wii 2.0 seems stupid. I dont see how anyone would enjoy an overpriced wii peripheral

strickers2920d ago

If that's true than that means no one(of the 70 million)can enjoy the inferior Wii.It is very inferior too.Have you used Move?


Interesting thing is that ''new users'' (not saying Multiple troll account) is saying the same thing and then never come back.

CrzyFooL2920d ago

Meh, still not sold on motion control. What ever happened to light guns? Those still work just fine.

Kreyg2920d ago

Light guns are still around to some degree. The problem with light guns is they don't work with HDTVs. You'll need some sort of sensor like the wii or PSeye.

They do make an accessory to turn your move into a lightgun :-D haha :-P

strickers2920d ago

I don't think Disk Golf would work with a light gun.

JoeReno2920d ago

The last Time Crisis game came with a light gun. I personally thought the 1st two games had better lightguns, but kreyg is correct they are still around... But on there way out. Thats forsure.

MoeThirteen2920d ago

If I had to choose Move or Kinect I'd choose Wii. Why get the derivative when you can get the original. Liked the review though.

doG_beLIEfs2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yes, the original has SD graphics, stereo sound, almost have a gig of memory, motion controllers that can only detect movement and speed, and with the plus orientation, no DVD player, no Blu-ray player, hardly any online gaming, a controller that gets uncomfortable to hold in your hand after a while.

Yep....why go Move I mean it only has HD graphics, digital sound, 160+ gigs of memory, motion controllers that can detect submillimeter accuracy on movement, speed, and know exactly where it is in 3D space, can do augmented reality, voice recognition, head/body tracking, DVD upscaler, Blu-ray player, online gaming, and a controller that fits perfectly in your hand.

Yep....I can see why you would want hold on to your Wii. /s

nycredude2920d ago

All the hate is making the trolls more dumb than usual. They aren't even making any sense anymore, and aren't even trying to use logic.

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strickers2920d ago

Why buy something that is massively superior to the original at motion and can also play loads of top notch pad games?I think that question answers itself

JoeReno2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Moe was one of the 3stooges... Right

*slaps face with the left and two prong eye poke with the right*

Weaksauce11382920d ago

That's like passing up on a console cause it also uses discs.

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