PS Blog: PlayStation Canada Wants to See You on October 5th

PS Blog writes: Hi everyone! This is my first official PlayStation.Blog entry, and I’m here to invite all the Canadian PlayStation fans out to a great event…an annual event…an exclusive event...

Yes, unbelievably, it’s that time of year again and we are rapidly approaching what many PlayStation fans look forward to all year: the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event party!

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Nitrowolf22802d ago

what gam is that tiger shark thing?
i am guessing it is from that monster camera game for PSP?

ISKREEM2802d ago

Yes, Invizimals is the game you're thinking of.

ISKREEM2802d ago

Ugh, I hate how it's always either Toronto or Vancouver, they couldn't give a damn about anywhere else in Canada.

TANUKI2802d ago

I know eh? Ottawa misses out a lot of [great] stuff too (gaming wise I mean).

TANUKI2802d ago

@ Natsu X Fairy

My point exactly! For the capital of a country, so little HAPPENS!

DarthMoose2802d ago

Well im from nova scotia, this is nowhres near me so dont feel so bad

Pandamobile2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Well it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to host an event in Sault Ste. Marie now would it?

They tend to host event like these in big cities where you've got 4 million+ possible attendees.

ShadowJetX2802d ago

Big events like this tend to fly over the radar for Winnipeg. It's a damn shame too. Damn MT Center...

Chris3992802d ago

Not much point having a national gathering in you know, St. Catherines or Echo Bay.

Thems is the breaks!

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sdtarm2802d ago

gotta go to school that day and its free so i guess it will be pretty packed up :/...

TANUKI2802d ago

If you do decide to go, have fun!

Pandamobile2802d ago

I might go. What's the door price?

onenut2802d ago

Prime minister Harper and I would like to welcome you to Canada ps blog

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