Castlevania Lords of Shadow Demo hits Europe (PS+Only)

Rely on Horror states: "A demo for Castlevania Lords of Shadow has just hit the European PSN exclusively for Playstation Plus members. No word on when the demo will hit other regions, but Thursday just might be North America’s turn to test-drive Gabriel Belmont’s whip-cracking journey to Dracula’s throne room."

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Moonboots2920d ago

Bummer. Wish I had a EU account with Plus. Oh well, EU deserves a treat!

I am excited to hear feedback and can't wait to try it myself.

dangert122919d ago

you don't want An eu account all the surprises we get are demo's i mean demo's real should't be part of this service its a bit lame 2bf

hakis862919d ago

Can't wait to get home from work! =P

moneygun22919d ago

the game has been shaping up very nice. The most recent preview I had read in IGN I believe, said the game was meaty and had plenty length to it, without having that kind of game fatigue, the have shown enough variety of the gameplay so that already took care of my biggest concern, that being Castlevania=Dynasty Warriors.

So cant wait till October

despair2920d ago

sucks but only a week to wait for the rest of us.

colonel1792919d ago

I don't need a demo to know that I will buy this game day one

Braid2919d ago

kojima (the guy whose name is more than enough to hit the agree button every time you see it)

SilverSlug2919d ago

I want to try the game. Badly. :(

Wish there was a way to download it on a PC and load it up on a USB stick. I know they did this with RE5 demo on 360. But you had to burn it on disc.

aPerson2919d ago

Can't wait for this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.