5 Worst Arguments from Modern Gamers

Koku writes: "You see, with the emergence of the internet, humanity has essentially allowed itself to see some of the poorest arguments put forward in the history of poor arguments. Beyond that, since there really isn’t a more opinionated niche out there other than Gamers, I’ve had the opportunity to see poor arguments and ideas from fans that really don’t make any sense whatsoever. So, on this week’s list, we’re going to count down the worst arguments and ideas put forth by the gaming community, and deconstruct them so that the truth can really be seen by gamers, and maybe we’ll all be a bit wiser afterwards. So, in the words of the wise sage Leeroy Jenkins, let’s do this."

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OrigamiDriller2886d ago

I don't think FPS games are ruining gaming, but a lot of modern ones do represent a disparity between different types of gamers. For example, the sundry people who love Halo, and the many gamers who love to harp on it endlessly.

WildArmed2886d ago

FPS market is over crowded.
With kings like halo, Killzone and CoD we really dont need another 5 FPS games coming out each year trying to cash in on the FPS market.

"For example, JRPG’s have ranged from the fantastic (Chrono Trigger) to some of the worst video games in existence (Final Fantasy XIII)"

Wtf.. FF13 was hardly a bad game, atleast the author COULD have tried to sound objective.. People unjustifiably hate on FF13.. God..
I loved FF13 (albiet not as much as it's prequels, but it was an AMAZING game).
People are just too stuck on the fact that it doesn't have towns.. or it went multiplat waaah waah.
Take the game for what it is and enjoy it.
I totally did, and so did most of my friends on PSN and Live.

Blaine2886d ago

"With kings like halo, Killzone and CoD we really dont need another 5 FPS games coming out each year trying to cash in on the FPS market."

Maybe you'd be satisfied with those three but myself, personally, I only like one of the ones you mentioned. Have not much interest in another one, and downright hate the third. Since those games come out in 1, 2, and 3 year cycles, if I'm only interested in one of them I wouldn't have very many FPSs to play, would I?

Also, the term "FPS" itself has become too broad. There are tactical shooters, arcade shooters, online shooters vs single player ones, etc. Point is, if devs weren't competing for shares in the FPS genre, we wouldn't be getting hidden gems once in a while like MAG was for me personally.

Conclusion: there's really no need for you to think the FPS market is over-saturated. Only people who should consider that possibility are devs, because of market-shares and sales. If they think it's sound to invest money into making another FPS, I'm happy, because there's no risk in it for me and I might end up playing another gem!

WildArmed2886d ago

Ok, when I said kings LIKE halo, Killzone and CoD... i meant there are more than 3 (hence the LIKE).

I still dont think we need games like Section 8, Rogue Warrior,
ShellShock 2: Blood Trails,Turning Point: Fall of Liberty..

Do you want me to continue?

MAG is a great game, no doubt about it. It took a less traditional approach, but there are people that just want to cash in on the FPS market with their less inspired approach to FPS genre, hence it becoming over crowded with crap software like Rogue Warrior..

SilentNegotiator2885d ago

I want to see less shooters and more RPGs. I want to see games have more interaction and complexity than a shooting gallery.

Games, especially FPS, are too simple. The point of video games is supposed to be interaction. Make me feel a part of the game. Make me more than a walking set of arms with a gun.

Lombax2885d ago

I want to see more games like Demon's Souls, ICO/SotC, and Mirrors Edge!

Games that are new and inspired, not just refined and slightly updated.

DelbertGrady2885d ago

FPS games don't necessarily have to mean mindless shooters. It's basically just a point of view. One could ask for more variety coming from developers though.

I'm still waiting for a first person horror game that doesn't rely on guns and shooting your enemies. Why not make one with zombies where you have to escape them instead of brutally dismember them? Something like 28 days later but in FP(S) form.

evrfighter2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

"I don't think FPS games are ruining gaming" They aren't

FPS thrived on pc for years until the casuals caught wind. The pc community pretty much gave console gamers the mold of what fps gaming should be.

dedicated servers.
server admins.
full server customization.

This was fps gaming. Because you guys decided that mediocrity=ZOMG AHSUM! you had all of this taken away. You only got maps back. Not only that but you showed you were willing to pay $15 for 3 of em -_-

Now because of these idiots, fps gaming has been set back years until these casual dingleberry's get over fps's and switch to something else. How many more cod's, will we have to put up with before fps gaming is liberated.

theEx1Le2885d ago

wow, could not have said it better myself. + bubs

bviperz2885d ago

I'm with you on that one. Hell, I still roll Iceworld in CS:S. Jump to MW2 and they're charging $15 for the map packs. Say wut?! GTFO.

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MrMccormo2886d ago

This list misses a big one:

(during a conversation about graphics, high-quality gameplay, or innovation)

"Well...well...the game is gonna sell like 10 million copies!"

tacosRcool2885d ago

FPSs are ruining the gaming industry. Look at most of the games that are coming out, a bunch of FPSs. I want something other than the same old something. Thats why I can't wait for Gran Turismo 5 to come out.

Ziriux2886d ago

FPS can come as long as they want to I love the genre and if done well I'll take it.

talktosamson12886d ago

Good points!

I'd also say the argument that JRPGs are becoming irrelevant is another tired one.

Ziriux2886d ago

As soon as they make an actual good one I will stop arguing about it.

Neckbear2886d ago

Thing is, JRPGs are a niche genre. Love them or hate them, bro.

Aggesan2886d ago

There are plenty of them this generation, it's just that they've moved from stationary consoles to portable consoles.

PirosThe4th2886d ago

Do you realize how much and how popular Final Fantasy games are?
Thats far from a niche genre...
But they are pretty crap lately...

Lich1202885d ago

I always say I just don't like JRPG's, since I don't play them much. But really, and as people are pointing out on here, I just don't like the bad ones, and finding good ones is getting tougher and tougher.

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gauntletpython2886d ago

I don't think games need to be more cinematic, but better story telling would be better.

Cinotix2886d ago

I don't know MGS4 does hell of a job. If they go cinametic it needs to be good quality like MGS4's.

Ziriux2886d ago

MGS4, yea, I think of it more as a movie than a game. Great job on the story no doubt, I never expect much from a gameplay.

El_Colombiano2886d ago

MGS4 had some of the best gameplay ever.

Neckbear2886d ago

MGS4 was LOLNANOMACHINES while getting rid of the Stealth gameplay.

I wouldn't use it as an example of "Good quality".

MGS3, instead, would've been a better example.

PirosThe4th2886d ago

How does it take out form the gameplay?
It has to be the most varied gameplay ever... when u can sneak all the time and finish the game without engaging into a fight or go GoW style and kill everyone like a freak... :P

Solid_Snakeps32885d ago

Agree, everything about mgs4 was perfect... disagree all you want...

Galaxia2885d ago

People overrate MGS4 to much.

I was a huge fan of Kojima and the Metal Gear series up till 4. But when I played 4 the series just became meh to me. It was just so bad.

If no other Metal Gear games existed and MGS4 was the very first and only title, then it would be good. But it was the 4th title, and it ruined every tiny little thing about the previous games, anihilating every bit of coolness from every character. I hated it.

Gameplay was meh too.

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Unicron2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Sorry, PS2/Xbox generation ganes > PS3/360 gen games, still, IMHO.

Neckbear2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Not including the Gamecube or the Dreamcast?!

What is wrong with you?

TANUKI2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I agree with you Unicron. Infact, I'm sure a lot of people do, so no need to apologize.


That is also true.

mikeslemonade2886d ago

Can't agree with that one. Also depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you like jrpgs then last generation is better, but fps,tps,music genres are better this generation.

albel_nox2886d ago

I agree 100%. That gen's games kills this gen's.

dirtydbz2886d ago

I have been gameing forever ( 30 years give or take ) and I was never a real big fan of fps till I played cod mw2 and honestly I can't tell you the last game I actually finished. but if you think the last gen is better you haven't played enough of this gens games or you just don't like online gameing

madpuppy2885d ago

and I have been playing FPS since the first Wolfenstein and love them. the First FPS that blew me away though was Half Life 1, the AI in that game was great, It was one of the first games that the AI soldiers would take cover, call for backup and even try to flank you.

and FPS just keep getting better and better, there is nothing wrong with FPS. there are plenty of different genres out there to satisfy even the most jaded gamer.

tacosRcool2885d ago

There was a bigger diversity of games available to gamers back then. Thats why I still like the PS3 over the 360 any day is because of the games, Sony has more diverse games available unlike the 360 which is really defined by FPSs. PC FTW!

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