New Enslaved: Odyssey to the West trailer

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West following the release of the game's demo.

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nycredude2855d ago

Just played the demo. Pretty cool but the graphics have been overhyped doesn't come even close to UC2 as a couple of sites has suggested. However I like the different story and I love platformers so I may pick it up.

mrcash2855d ago

The ps3 demo was really horrible, I don't know if the xbox will be any better but I certainly hope so.

nycredude2855d ago

Yeah I wasn't too impressed with the graphics, with the tearing and all but the art and the set pieces are pretty cool.

coolfool2855d ago

I played the PS3 demo last night and the audio was just ahead of the lip movement. Not by much, but enough to annoy me.

Immortal3212855d ago

But I agree the graphics can't be compare to heavenly sword. I wonder what happen though? the graphics seems rough and rugged around its corners, and on heavenly sword its way smoother. I guess blu-ray is a big difference.

Quagmire2855d ago

Pfft...graphic whores...

x5exotic2855d ago

who said UC2 had good graphics....way too cartoonish tbh

Orionsangel2855d ago

Do I need to see a video game commercial before watching what's basically a longer video game commercial?

DarthMoose2855d ago

I loved the demo, I thought it just looked beautiful and loved playing as monkey, its very simliar to uncharted platforming wise, but for me that a good thing, been waiting for an epic game since uncharted 2, playing the demo meet me feel like it was the start of an emotional journey with these characters, alotta people are bashing this game , but I fell in love with the demo, can friggin wait to play the full game.

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The story is too old to be commented.