MMGN: PokéPark Pikachu’s Adventure - Preview

The phenomenon that is Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise still holds strong some fifteen years after it’s birth. It was on the Game Boy that the world was first introduced to the cute, pocket-sized monsters, and since then there’s been many incarnations that have graced both Nintendo handhelds and consoles. So much so that the Pokémon video game series is rated only behind the ‘Mario’ games thus far. (And what about all that other Pokémon paraphenalia?).

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Gaetano2924d ago

Great read. Love me some Pokemon :)

CatGlue2924d ago

Nintendo keeps on milking it, I think it will never die.

ICC_062924d ago

I wish they would bring the RPG games to Wii.

Jeannius2924d ago games and aimed at kids? Pokemon games back in the day were epic. Where's Pokemon Snap and Battle Stadium?

kk13872924d ago

wish we could have a proper RPG for Wii with some real time battling :D

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