Would You Be Inclined Towards Selling Wii for Move?

Initially, when the Nintendo Wii hit the gaming market, it took everyone by surprise. It gave a platform to friends and families for playing the game together. However, the technology used in the device had many drawbacks. Recently, with the release of Sony’s PlayStation Move, it is believed that Nintendo’s Wii has got a stiff competition. With far advanced technology than what is used in Wii, Move has taken the market by storm.

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saint_john_paul_ii2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

why would you do that??? you wont get anything for selling your wii anyway.

EYEamNUMBER12804d ago

some people seem to be under the impression its smart to sell an actual console that plays games for a controller ITSELF

intelligence at its best no?

Muletroid2804d ago

ive actually been wondering
why would someone who already owns both a wii and a ps3 (becase these are the only people this could be targeted towards) trade their wii for a controller?

i mean the way i see it if you have both consoles + games for both consoles then money doesn't sound like its a problem

MrMccormo2804d ago

It's an interesting thought, but I'd rather keep a Wii to play the exclusive games. It's all about exclusives, kids!

hay2804d ago

@EYEamNUMBER1: Exactly what I thought :D

AntoineDcoolette2804d ago

Metroird Other M and SSMB > Move. Yes, I said it even though I don't own a Wii ;_;

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Kain812804d ago

i wouldnt do that too, but what for people that have only money for one console, and they can only buy it, if the sell their existing one?

i have done this before...its hard but what can you do, if you want that machine and the only way to get it, is to sell you actuall console.

BTW i miss my SNES T.T

ChickeyCantor2804d ago

Then try to sell the games you dont play anymore.

GuruStarr782804d ago

Thats not true.....I sold a Wii on EBay with mario kart for close to $200 about a month ago.......some guy was trying to sell it at gamestop, but the clerk had no cash in the register, so I bought it off him......People still want a Wii..

Everyone out theres not core gamers like us here on NG4......

And no way would I sell my personal wii to get a else am I gonna play Zelda: Skyward Sword!

That game is probably going to be better than anything the Move has to offer up until that point........BTW, I have Move, and it is fun as hell, waiting for the games to get better......Time crisis: Razing storm looks to be the first one with some real potential.

jellybalboa2804d ago

sold mine on ebay today and ordered move with usb extension cable and extra dildo

eagle212803d ago

Hell no. I'll just keep it at that. People get touchy when you speak the truth. :)

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pangitkqb2804d ago

I've been thinking of doing just that. I love my Wii but it sees so little game time in comparison to my PS3. I just have the sinking sensation that more highly sensitive motion controls - in HD no less - will be a more rewarding experience; especially as bigger and better titles, such as Killzone 3, utilize move.

George Sears2804d ago

So you would actually sell a gaming console for a motion control? A gimmick that isn't really necessary since the PS3 already has a perfectly crafted control?

Idk but I would prefer to stay with the console since it can do more stuff.

pangitkqb2804d ago

The answer to your question is "Yes." You are welcome to feel differently.

fooltheman2804d ago

it's more than a gimmick...
if you would have played tabletennis you would know

Seferoth752804d ago

LOL it's more than a gimmick just play this gimmick game for casuals and you will know.....Only Sony fans.

Theodore872804d ago

Agree, if you have two or three gaming system's but don't have the time to play them all (or missing one or two AAA games of your life time doesn't bother you) then you should sell one you like the least. If his least favored system is Wii, then let him be. Why impose your ideology on others?

Keyop2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

If I no longer played w.ii I'd sell it and buy move and some games. Free stuff, what's not to like...

tinybigman2804d ago

i know what you mean, my wii see very little playtime. if it wasnt for the main mario games, and zelda i'd have sold it a long time ago. but since epic mickey is coming later this year i think ill hold on too it.

matey2804d ago

The biggest titles using motions 1on1 are Black ops wii and Zelda skyward sword wii both r 1on1 motion controls these are the bigggest budget motion games end of they are built ground up using the wiimote from the start of development m8 grow up killzone looked clunky and a bit of a mess with MOVE yes i saw videos not impressed Conduit kills it all over and Black ops will smash it to pieces end of Black ops will have graphics 5 years in front of what we see now MOVE isnt supported so maybe in a few yesr when the next big COD comes out but at the moment im gonna play wii untill the wii2 we have Goldeneye/black ops/NBA jam/Epic micky ect all with motions or IR oh Epic micky has a team of 280 people thats more than COD team for all 3 versions thats why warren spector says the graphics are the best on wii.

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Batzi2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

If PS3 gives me Mario I will definitely do it, otherwise, of course not!

stragomccloud2804d ago

Apparently there's some people who disagreed with you because they don't like Mario.

Kyur4ThePain2804d ago

They fulfill different needs.