11 Shooters For PS3 in 2007

There are a gazillion and one shooters coming out for the PS3 starting today and extending to the end of this year. Which one will be your must-have shooter?

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SilvaSurfa3959d ago

"All Microsoft put out on Xbox are shooters"

CG3959d ago

This proves that sony fangirls are the biggest hypocrites on this site. They bash the 360 for have shooters but yet the ps3 has so many plus the ps3 flagship title killzone 2 which these fanboys have been hyping is a fps lol...ah well i must admit the sonyfans keep this site entertaining, you just cant help but laugh at there extreme stupidity.

Vip3r3959d ago

Just like "HDMI isn't needed" and "1080p isn't needed this generation"

nomad1173959d ago

have your fair share of retards to and see how i don't have to say stuff like xbots and xbugs and that stuff. unlike you guys who can't go a thread without saying it atleast once

Tempo3959d ago

couldn't have said it better myself...its fricken hilarious.

Panthers3959d ago

Well Sony puts out shooters AND other games... its called variety.

CG3959d ago

1. HDMI is NOT needed you idiot, last time i checked i was playing 360 games in 1080p via a COMPONENT connection so whats your point fool????
Microsoft said they would include HDMI for those who wanted it, and thats what they did.

2.IF 1080p was so important why arnt all ps3 games made in 1080p? after all sony where the ones touting 1080p and you idiot bought it like the fools you are.

3959d ago
Kleptic3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The only thing ironic, in the socratic sense, is your comment, #1...Most people on this site are under the impression that only one side of the camp has a bunch of D'bag retards...MS has TheMart (whom by himself could win the World War of Ignorance), and a bunch of others...Sony has Bill Gates (whom by himself would win the World War of Annoying), and a bunch of others..

you go into a Halo 3 comment section...nothing but people whining "who invited the SonyDroids...if they don't want the the game don't comment on it"...then a Warhawk section..."why are there so many Xbots in here"...people comment back as if it is only the other side doing it in both is totally ridiculous...

My point is only that not every PS3 owner was saying all Xbox has is shooters (which I thought was only a dig at the original Xbox...and that wasn't a fanboy dig...that was a media dig...pertaining to the Xbox's lack of sales in japan)...I am a FPS shooter guy since the beginning of the genre, and never complained about MS having so many...nor will I complain about a lot coming to the PS3...

So CG...its not "sony" fangirls...its all fangirls...and on another note...if you think Component creates as good of a 1080p signal as HDMI...then it isn't even worth getting into...hopefully you understand it's advantages by now...

Vip3r3959d ago

If Microsoft said that HDMI wasn't needed then why are they adding it to the 360s? Oh wait it's a option. For them to say it's not needed and then add it seems ironic, no?

As for 1080p, its just sad to say something like that. But you wouldn't understand that because you obviously aren't the sharpest tool in the box.

Wingnut263959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

"you just cant help but laugh at there extreme stupidity."

It's "their" not "there"

Who's stupidity is extremerer? <---that was on purpose so don't call me more stupider than you

[email protected] Belows - lol, I also did that on purpose. This wasn't meant to be a real post, just a time for me to have some fun with words. I thought more people would catch on to the fact that I was obviously making a dumb sentence.

Tempo3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

its all well and good to slam someone else over spelling/grammatical errors in their post but you check yourself before you comment on others.
"so don't call me more stupider" that's a double comparative, [grammatical error] see where i'm comming from check yourself.

3959d ago
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Bloodmask3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

seems to be depending a lot on shooters also. With Resistance being their number one title out now.

And KZ2 the most hyped of their future releases.

I guess the moral of the story here is Fandroids are morons.

Kratos123959d ago

The point is PS3 has so many shooters plus games in every genre also. This is what separates the PS2 from the XBOX. And this is what will separate the PS3 from the 360. Give it a year and you will see what I mean.

Bloodmask3959d ago

instead of focusing on reality. The Sony fanboys motto. It really does give new meaning to "Wait Beyond" The reality is that PS3 has the crappiest diversity of all the consoles games lineups.

That is why none of the PS3 software ever makes the top 10.

nomad1173959d ago

and having a great game released each week all i have to say is


3959d ago
Says you3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Paint XBox 360 sucks on the cover of the XBox 360 now your calling PS3 fans hypocrites look who's talking! well MeatHead your the dipsh1t now are you considering what would you call a person that would do that and spray paint a PS3 cover.

The Real Joker3959d ago

Yeah d1pshit because obviously all 360 fans are like that right?

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