IGN: The Halo Effect

It is arguable that without Master Chief, you'd be able to carry eight bazookas, a dozen submachine guns, and 42 grenades into battle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So the next time neo-Communist troopers grind your hero into the front lawn of Main Street USA, put blame where blame is due.

And just why is the celebrated Spartan at all connected to Infinity Ward's billion-dollar shooter? Because aside from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros., no series has shaped videogames quite like Halo.

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MaxXAttaxX2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Modern Warfare and Killzone are nothing like Halo, yet this guy says they're playing catch-up? That's a little arrogant.
Then he has the balls to say Halo has great narrative that stands above other games? Really? Talk about bad taste. There has been games with more complex narratives way before.

And why is he claiming that controls from other FPS games were all taken from Halo?
Maybe devs did things a certain way because it made sense?
Yeah, they're all trying to be space marines with cartoony gameplay.

Sure we owe it all to Halo. Halo is the standard to everything. Halo started everything... /s

It's like this dude started gaming in 2001 and ignored everything else to write an article and completely ignore all the games that helped shape Halo what it was.


saf1007922924d ago

I gotta agree there. yea halo is a great series but i really doubt that it defined fps'. Not all fps are the same ign

MaxXAttaxX2924d ago

I really liked Halo 2. But now is getting a little out of hand with all this.

MrMccormo2923d ago

Halo defined video game marketing. It proved you can spend money on marketing instead of developing (*cough*graphicsinHalo3*cough* ) and sell even more!

It did not define anything else.

Rezialn2923d ago

As much as I would like to respect your statement, using the name NathanExplosion hurts your credability. Makes it sound like you're one of the a fore mentioned ultrahardcore gamers.

Takoulya2924d ago

I personally love the Halo series and although I wouldn't say that it is the epitome of FPS, it's a brilliant series. My only regret with Bungie not making more Halo's is that I really wanted Bungie to keep the Halo story going. I love the whole setting of it plus the storyline. There are so many opportunities and the way Bungie is incomparable to a book. For that reason, I really want Bungie to continue Halo. If not for its great gameplay, it's immersive story.

Sorry, I'm a big story buff, and I always feel dissatisfied after a great series ends. Leaves a hole in me for the next few days. After looking at the end of Reach, I felt that it was a great way to end Bungie's development of Halo games.

But Bungie, if you see this, please continue Halo!

XabiTheHumble2924d ago

More "halo" influenced everything" bullshit like the PC FPS doesn't exist..