Dreamcast Emulation Hits PS3: nullDC In Action writes, "What better way to leverage the PS3′s computational prowess than with a Dreamcast emulator? It’s quite a jump from the 16-bit SNES, however, homebrew developer drk||Raziel has taken to the challenge with a port of his very own nullDC."

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qface642884d ago

too bad there are no dreamcast games considering the few good games it had have been re released and ported to pretty much every thing in existence

Blaze9292884d ago

what in the world are you talking about? I can't even....

EYEamNUMBER12884d ago

im loosing all hope in N4G mixing with any form of sarcasm or joking whatsoever

qface642884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

don't see how its so hard to understand that

k let me put it this way
i don't see how this is a big deal considering you can play dreamcast games on pretty much everything (joking tone) seeing as how the good worthwhile dream cast games have been pretty much ported to so many different things as well as being able to play any dreamcast game on any PC

Baka-akaB2884d ago

well grandia 2's ports were incredibly crappy , so here is one at least

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OneSneakyMofo2884d ago

Honestly, if you want a Dreamcast emulator that bad, download it for the PC. Guess what? You can use a USB controller too, and here's the kicker... since you're download emulators, cracking consoles, I'm gonna go out and say that you're download pirated games too. Well, well, well... today's your lucky day as PC's have over hundreds of different torrent websites to download unlimited amounts of Dreamcast games.

OneSneakyMofo2884d ago

Sorry for the typos. I have the flu :D

ReservoirDog3162884d ago

A lot of people's pcs suck though.

Not justifying anything, just saying.

dragonelite2884d ago

Uuh how are we suppose to download iso to emulate not touching the ps 3 browser with a ten foot pole flipping open my laptop starting it up and go to a website is already faster then ps 3 browser.

inbe4 360 fanboy but you have to either use fanboys timers to not see that ps 3 browser is slow as fuck and no internet is fine enough 35mb/s.

madpuppy2884d ago

was better supported and lasted longer in Japan, and that there are plenty of games released in Japan that they could mine for other regions.

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killa916062884d ago

The PShackers find an exploit to go online with this, can you imagine you scroll to your friends name and it says: PLAYING:NFL 2K

Elite_7372884d ago

This is awesome. I want to get a new ps3 so i can Homebrew. Also, I don't get why people are against this jailbreak. The Ps3 is now Open source, that is fantastic.

Sure, piracy is bad, but being open source out-weighs all the cons. Just look at the wii, it made me love it all over again when i hacked it. Quake is fucking awesome on it.

Blaze9292884d ago

yeah I honestly don't get it either. All anyone ever thinks about is piracy and sure, maybe some hacks going on with trophies and PS3 games but man, when I say custom firmware absolutely MADE my PSP I tell you no jokes. The things I can do with my PSP (still on PSP-1000) heavily outweigh everything Sony originally intended for that device and since I paid $250 - I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

If it wasn't for custom firmware on PSP, I honestly would've gotten rid of that device years ago.

I say bring on the PS3 Jailbreak developments. I'm very excited with ever progress made towards it. could care less about getting banned or going online - would just buy another PS3 for that sole purpose.

f7897902884d ago

Anyone who says a hacked PSP is a bad thing doesn't know what they are talking about. Go look at the themes you can make. The best part is playing ANY PS1 game you want without waiting for Sony to put it on the store.

xAlmostPro2883d ago

not really.. no online play or PSN use, and at some point insane piracys.. it hasnt done any good for the psp

DeadIIIRed2883d ago

I can see why so many people are excited about this kind of stuff, being able to play SNES and Dreamcast on a current gen system. Regardless of how much of a thrill you get from home-brewing, it doesn't outweigh the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars publishers and developers lose because of the inevitable piracy that comes with this kind of stuff. The more they lose the more budget cuts. The people who create the games you buy work hard (well most of them) just like you or your parents. The people who developed this hack only take advantage of hard working people. Don't support this crap.

akaFullMetal2884d ago

Have they cracked the firmware past 2.4? Any of them?

El_Colombiano2884d ago

They never "cracked" any firmware. The only reason the PS3 is open to unsigned code now is because of the leaked data from Sony. I love how all these "1337 haxxorz" claim they "busted open" the PS3. All they did was use code that should have never left Sony. So I really doubt they'll be able to apply the exploit to any new firmwares.

ReservoirDog3162884d ago

Better to be smart or lucky?

They weren't smart enough but got lucky.

In the end though, you can do this on the PS3 though.

Biggest2883d ago

It's better to be smart in this case. There isn't much of a chance of getting lucky again. Maybe in four more years. Anyone using their PS3 with these "tools" is basically using a crappy PC for something that a normal PC could already do. Well, I guess every exclusive PS3 game up to this point as well. But since nothing is actually hacked, you won't be able to play anything new. And you won't be able to play online. If you want to spend $300-$600 for that, more power to you.

Ratchet_Co2884d ago

How ironic, Sonic Adventure just came out lol

El_Colombiano2884d ago

And I'm torn whether I should buy it or not. I absolutely loved it on the Gamecube.

Nitrowolf22884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

First Video Game i ever played
i bought it
its a lot buggy then i remembered it (camera and some walking issue in the forest jungle thingy)

although i am loving it, bought the director cut never got to play Metal Sonic my dreamcast died on me when i almost had all the emblems for the original and then my gamecube ended up doing the exact same thing.

I have to say graphics are not that bad, i mean compared to nearer Sonic really all what they are just less jags and more texture.

This game was beatiful the only thing i hate about it is the F'n retarded cat missions

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