Naruto x Bleach Game Hitting the PC

The PC is getting a 3D action fighter featuring chibi Naruto and Bleach characters.

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WetN00dle692860d ago

Id play it IF Getsuga Ichigo is a playable character if not, ill pass!

Motorola2860d ago

I know right? He looks like a BAMF

WetN00dle692859d ago

Hell yeah he looks freaking awesome!

tiamat52859d ago

Maybe if you added One piece too I would consider it

Djinn2859d ago

Loser. One Piece sucks.

TheGameFoxJTV2859d ago

MUST be a troll. If you like Naruto, but think One Piece sucks you are sick in the head. And Bleach is just a DBZ rip off.

Motorola2859d ago

Everything about Bleach is good besides Orihime. She needs to stop being a whiny B**** and die already.

badz1492859d ago

then u suck! the in terms of story, Narotu and Bleach are seriously shallow compared to One Piece!

trounbyfire2859d ago

reading and i am like why doesn't aizen just use complete hypnosis and kill them all. but no he fights and now after all the BS fights ichigo uses the hyperbolic time chamber and pulls a DBZ on us.

utter crap and aizen screaming is so not aizen. he looked cool and now he looks retarted as hell. aizen was my fav and if he dies without us even knowing his motives...i am done

WetN00dle692859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

His motives are clear as water. The man wanted to kill the King from the spirit world and take his place! Never liked Aizen, that fool was a smug SOB. Although it was all Plotkai, i am glad Getsuga Ichigo kicked his arse! OR did he....

TheGameFoxJTV2859d ago

Bleach is a blatant DBZ clone;
Characters never fucking dying.
Get beat by the enemy, just to be saved by some "special power"
The constant screaming.
Random flying and charging.
Shitty storyline that jumps all over the place.

chadwarden2859d ago

First off why is Aizen doing jutsus? Second, the bleach guys would murder everyone from naruto.