Blade Kitten demo gameplay video and impressions (PS3 Attitude)

Blade Kitten is now available in North America and PS3 Attitude has some impressions to share.

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Myst2860d ago

Looking over some of the writing that they gave Kit and the other girl [forgot her name], it's a pretty fun game.

SaiyanFury2860d ago

I guess as usual I'm in the minority. I liked the demo and plan on getting the game when a get a bit more money. The control is kind of floaty, but that doesn't really hurt the game. I'm seeing some negative comments here but don't let them dissuade you perspective people looking to try out the demo. I will say the game is nothing groundbreaking, but as a platform game it IS fun, and that's the most important thing I think. :)

Myst2860d ago

I agree the game play alone was worth it and is pretty entertaining for me which is all that mattered. Again the only thing I'd change though is that dialog lol.

NiteX2860d ago

Just tried the demo. Played it for about 2 mins. stopped and deleted it. Not my kind of game.

Stephen55432860d ago

I have no opinion on the game yet(because I have yet to try it) but I don't understand if someone says that it's not their kind of game that they can get people who "disagree" with them. Are disagrees occurring because people are trying to tell NiteX that he doesnt know what he likes? It's not like he bashed the game or anything.

Oh, N4G...

playboi282860d ago

I truly believe that some people just wander about this site disagreeing with random comments. I think they especially prey on comments with a lot of agree's. I just don't get it...

coolfool2860d ago

Or maybe the disagrees weren't as literal as that. Maybe the disagrees were actually saying that they disagree with what the person thinks rather than the literal statement. So they are effectively saying that they do like the game.

I think this happens a lot. People disagree with the opinion not the statement otherwise it would mean like you said, that they are telling the person what he does and doesn't like.

Stephen55432860d ago

I'd agree with you if his comment was something like "I played it for 2 minutes, stopped, and deleted it. This game is terrible."

His statement/opinion made in his comment was that it was not his kind of game. So disagreeing with his opinion is disagreeing that it's not his kind of game. If they wanted to say that they like the game, an effective way of doing that would be to...*drum roll* actually say it rather then stealth disagree.

Vegeta90002860d ago

The demo was terrible. At least I can save my money for PixelJunk Shooter 2, Malicious, & Dead Nation.

playboi282860d ago

You are entitled to your opinion, my friend...

Skynetone2860d ago

it seems a basic platformer, cant they add like one new ideaa, no point in having big levels when there this boring

ill give them one thing, im in love with blade kitten

xg-ei8ht2860d ago

Played the game, demo was enough.

Decent but nothing new.

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