GameXplain: Hands-On - Why Guild Wars 2 Is Better Than Other MMOs

GameXplain Writes: "I'll come right out and say it. Guild Wars 2 was my favorite game of PAX. It's strange to say that because I'm honestly not a fan of MMOs. I find them to be plodding, repetitious, and lacking in the rewards that other games provide. I didn't find anything to change my mind when I played Final Fantasy XIV and while it was great to be part of the Star Wars universe in The Old Republic, it still felt like any other MMO. Neither had anything in their demos that truly pulled me in. But when it came time to take a look at Guild Wars 2, I was absolutely hooked by its live demonstration, forty minute demo, and truly engaging features."

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Darkfiber2854d ago

Looks very good but it ain't out yet. No one knows how it'll do on a large scale.