Capcom and Level-5 Teaming Up

Andriasang: One of Capcom's surprise announcements at the Tokyo Game Show was Asura's Wrath, a tie-up project with Naruto and .hack developer CyberConnect2. But it looks like Capcom has been meeting with another major Fukuoka-based developer as well.

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jc485732857d ago

I am beginning to see this as a trend where companies like Capcom is doing a collaboration with another company. I like the fact that they help each other out, which is quite interesting.

Gandalf2857d ago

Wonder what it's going to be.

FiftyFourPointTwo2857d ago

Next-gen Breath of Fire please.

CrazyForGames2857d ago

doubt it capcom already said they wont really do breath of fire anymore because the series didn't make it any money

Vegeta90002857d ago

I don't care what this game is. If it has Crapcom involved then I won't be buying it. I like Level-5 but I won't support Crapcom.

sdtarm2857d ago

Since Inafune cam with that BS of making "Wester" appealing games theyre Fked up, Hes just gone mad how can he say that he hopes Dead Rising will replace Resident Evil with time??? >:(

Vegeta90002857d ago

I think it's more accurate to say that Dead Space already replaced Resident Evil (the newer ones anyways).

Ravage272857d ago

everything Capcom touches turn to shit.

Stealth20k2857d ago

capcom could ruin level 5

Army_of_Darkness2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Resident evil 5, SSF4, Dead rising & DMC were all good games to me... soon its gonna be SF X tekken and marvel vs. capcom3...
so how would Capcom ruin them?

Stealth20k2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

By spewing there western crap at them. And have you seen the new dmc

also level 5 has always done exclusive games.

Newtype2857d ago

They milk their games. Rehash.

Army_of_Darkness2857d ago

I can agree that there games ain't as great as they use to be when they were on the PS2, but regardless I still find their games enjoyable and not as crappy as you say.

BYE2857d ago

The only thing Capcom is ruining is their competition in the fighting game genre.

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The story is too old to be commented.