I Give Halo 1000 out of 100

When review scores are utterly meaningless, how does a video game journalist decide how to assign them?

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JOLLY12891d ago

Is that review on metacritic?

Motorola2891d ago

IDK y but that was funny to me

JOLLY12891d ago

I like to just goof around on here...I am glad you liked it.

WildArmed2891d ago


I remember that's the first comment you'd see on every really good or really bad review..

oh good times..
Too bad they closed down the Open zone :(

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Cevapi882891d ago

this is why gaming needs a site like database of all games and reviews by gamers...although i can see fanboys ruining such an idea just to screw with people because of brand loyalty

ADMIRALcoltgahr2891d ago

metacritic have a system like that sadly after lbp, gears of war, killzone and halo wars incident proved this system can only works in alternate universe where only one console exit

PS360PCROCKS2891d ago

yeah but there is always some jealous dick who brings down the score. Look at Toy Story 3, has like 150 out of 151 perfect scores. And some douche gave it a low score and some MORONIC reasoning, absolutely dumb.

BYE2891d ago

There already are games on IMDB.

Halo Reach: 9.5
Gears 2: 9.3
MGS4: 9.8
Uncharted 2: 9.7

YoungKingDoran2890d ago is good for info on games, and just about everything has user reviews.

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Hades13372891d ago

Do people ever read articles nowadays? He isn't giving the game this score, he is critiquing the video game review system, and yet you get two people who have reported the article because they have obviously only read the title.

JOLLY12891d ago

I guess you are having issues seeing the very thick sarcasm... I am sorry I didn't spell it out for you.

mercsfan2891d ago

If he was aiming it at you, he probably would have replied to you -_- lol kids these days.

masterofpwnage2891d ago

naw usually when it says review or something to do with review they just look at the score and comment some fanboy shiit.

but i agree with the article though

coolbeans2891d ago

"Do people ever read articles nowadays?"

This is n4g we're talking about here!!! :P

chase1672891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

8/10 by far
graphic are average
game play ok
space battle was good

ingiomar2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Graphics are Excellent
only game rivaling it is Gears of war

Gameplay is great
better then any other shooter out there
User Created content (forge)
Allot of Different Modes for Multiplayer

''Space battle''
Variation and there is allot of variation in Reach

Im comparing it with games on the 360 not on ps3 where there are better looking titles.
although graphics are not everything..right ps3 fanboys?
Its gameplay is allot better then any killzone or whatever exclusive shooter the PS3 has...Its not the most popular shooter on Xbox 360 for nothing..

I bet you haven't even played the game yet only judging from the videos

Spydiggity2891d ago

first, ps3 fanboys are idiots, and you should know that by now. there is no reason to concede that ps3 games look better cuz even if they didn't, they'd still troll all the halo articles criticizing it and disagreeing with ANYONE that praises it.

second, the words are 'a lot' not 'allot' -- allot means to distribute an amount of something.

kaveti66162891d ago

I disagree with your opinion. I have entered the forge mode of many of the maps and I am very impressed with the visuals. I can zoom in very close on walls and the textures are excellent in most places. Only in Forge World on the highest rock faces where many won't ever play, are their low-res textures.

The game looks great.

As for gameplay, I love it.

Fanb0y2891d ago

I don't think I'm in the total minority when I believe that the Forerunner architectural pieces look a bit lackluster. Some shadows around corners could help with the visuals, but they don't cut it compared to maps like Reflection.

Lattocky2891d ago

you only read the title.
Gameplay is good but nothing spectacular which is not that bad. Same old Halo with some enchantments which keeps the game fun. Graphics are really good but again nothing spectacular compared to some other games. I would give the game like a 8.7 because I am not really heavy on multi-player but it is still a lot of fun to play every once in awhile.

Spydiggity2891d ago

graphics are better than average but not great
gameplay is very good
space battle sucked

agree with the 8/10 (to me, only a very small handful of games deserve an 8 this generation, and maybe 2 deserve a 9, and NONE a 10)

gcolley2891d ago

classic n4g. miss the point much. how about commenting on the topic of the article for a change, and not the title. Lattocky knows what i'm talkin about.

tacosRcool2890d ago

Vice versa goes for people like you. Most people would agree that even the best games has its flaws and doesn't deserve that perfect score. The best Halo Reach review that didn't stink of Halo fanboyism is that on and they seem to give the game the score it deserves. Most of the reviews for Halo Reach are from people who live, eat, and sleep Halo. That in itself makes the game for them the best thing ever.

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PS360PCROCKS2891d ago

I agree. Should simply be a nice article detailing faults and what's good about it. Either be a "Definitely buy" "buy" "be cautious" "rent" "avoid"

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